CTEC Online Learning Modules answer telemedicine questions

Sacramento 13 May 2009In a continued effort to increase awareness, understanding, and interest in telemedicine implementation, the California Telemedicine and eHealth Center (CTEC) created the Just In Time Learning Modules. This video series quickly and concisely educates the viewer on the important elements of telemedicine.


Specific video topics include:

  • Telemedicine Overview: Telemedicine is powerful technology that has the ability to increase access to health care services throughout the state. This module defines telemedicine and telehealth and describes the benefits of telemedicine.
  • Telemedicine Applications: Live Interactive telemedicine allows patient and provider to communicate as though they were in the same room. In Store and Forward telemedicine, data is collected and transmitted for review by a clinician at a later time. This module provides an overview of a variety of telemedicine uses and applications.
  • Technology Used in Telemedicine: Telemedicine cannot happen without technology. Understanding telecommunications principles and the essential equipment and components of telemedicine systems will assist in programme implementation.
  • FQHC Reimbursement Models: One of the questions most commonly asked of CTEC is about allowable billing for telemedicine by a Federally Qualified Health Center or FQHC. Here is an overview of the different reimbursement scenarios for FQHCs utilizing telemedicine.
  • Attributes of Successful Telemedicine Programmes: Over the years, CTEC has worked with hundreds of programmes and has observed themes and factors that contribute to the success of telemedicine programmes. This module provides an overview of the most common predictors of successful programmes.
  • Assessing Organisational Readiness: Before implementing a telemedicine programme, stop and perform an organisational readiness assessment to determine if telemedicine is a good fit for your organisation and if this is the right time to consider it.
  • Market Analysis: The value and importance of a good market analysis cannot be overemphasized; it can be the difference between the success and failure of your programme. A market analysis helps clearly define your programme, determine your customer needs and assess the demand for your service.
  • A Live Interactive Telemedicine Visit: Discover telemedicine by watching a general patient exam using Live Interactive technologies. In this telemedicine model, the patient and physician can see and talk directly with each other. Explore many of the concepts that ensure a successful telemedicine visit.

CTEC is a leading source of expertise and comprehensive knowledge on the development and operation of telemedicine and telehealth programmes. CTEC has received national recognition as one of six federally designated Telehealth Resource Centers around the country. You can watch the videos by visiting the CTEC website.

Source: California Telemedicine and eHealth Center

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