Tangent introduces Medix 10T MCA tablet for medical market mobile to increase point-of-care efficiency

Burlingame 28 May 2009Tangent Inc., a provider of health care technology, has launched the Medix 10T, a state-of-the-art 10.4" tablet that weighs only 3.3 lbs., is built on the highly-acclaimed Intel Health Architecture, includes enhanced touch screen functionally, contributing greater work flow efficiencies in EMR and other point-of-care applications.


The Medix 10T competes directly with Motion and other industry leaders by offering much lower pricing and unique features such as dual, hot-swappable batteries instead of a single battery; a touch-screen that responds to finger and stylus instead of stylus only; the popular "Digital Persona" biometric fingerprint reader, and a more powerful CPU (Core Duo vs. ATOM).

"The Medix 10T is a key entry into a market poised to explode in the next few years in response to the federal economic stimulus legislation to modernize health care systems", stated Tangent President Doug Monsour. "Its low weight and mobility make it the true portable access point for health care database applications. It is ideal as a Medical Clerical assistant, on nursing carts, for EMR and for all point-of-care applications", Doug Monsour noted.

The new point-of-care MCA meets the UL60601 medical grade certification for patient safety. Its five-wire resistive touch screen responds to either stylus, finger or gloved-hand input, and implements positive palm rejection. In addition, it has a highly accurate fingerprint reader and an excellent docking cradle solution for charging up to two batteries. Its rugged construction provides protection from accidental drops and most other work-place damage. The thin silhouette TFT touch screen display has 1024 x 768 pixel XGA resolution and provides anti-glare treatment and good readability in all lighting conditions.

The medical grade, point-of-care tablet meets IP-54 standards for a dust-free, waterproof operation and can be sprayed and wiped down without the risk of damaging the computer. Its fan-less operation makes it easier to clean using a 10 percent bleach/water disinfectant solution, whereas the competition uses fans and exposed ventilation holes, which makes it difficult to spray with cleaning agents.

With its emphasis on improved work flow, the Medix 10T incorporates numerous data-capture technologies, including a fingerprint reader and options for a barcode scanner, which allows you to use the tablet in high volume application environments, and a RFID reader for asset and patient tracking.

The new Tangent solution has dual lithium ion batteries that allow hot-swappable operation. They recharge in less than three hours. Security options include HDD User Password Protection and BIOS I/O lock. The optional docking station incorporates a locking feature that provides a safe and secure stand when the unit is not in portable use. One LAN port and four USB 2.0 ports allow connectivity while the unit is in dock.

The Medix 10T uses the Intel ULV processor U2100 1.06 GHz (533MHz FSB) and the Intel 945GME chipset. It has up to 2GB DDR2 SDRAM and one SO-DIMM socket. Base MSRP is $2295.

Tangent is a provider of medical solutions to point-of-care providers, solutions providers, and other health care professionals. Tangent offers a wide range of products including portable carts, lifts, mounts and cabinets, medical computers and medical grade peripherals. More company news is available in the VMW July 2008 article Tangent announces 17 inch all-in-one medical grade point-of-care PC and DataCove 8000L e-mail archival appliance.

Source: Tangent

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