Baumer launches device that helps in the correction of serious deformities of the lumbar region

São Paulo 26 May 2009Baumer S.A., specialized in the manufacturing of orthopaedic prostheses in Latin America, has developed a new surgical instrument to facilitate corrections of serious deformities in the vertebral column. The only Brazilian company to offer this technology, Baumer S.A., presented the Derotator of Column during the 12th Brazilian Spine Society Congress held in Foz do Iguaçu between April 29 and May 2, 2009.


The Derotator of Column is a product which offers practicability and safety to the correction of serious deformities of the vertebral column. The derotators are fixated among themselves through locking nails applied in the longitudinal position and fixated by racks.

"The kit requires only one assembly, not requiring the presence of an assistant and reducing time and physical exertion employed by the surgeon", explained Roberto Parpaioli, manager of the Baumer Orthopaedics Technology Division.

Other news from the company is the PEEK cages. Intersomatic Fusion Devices manufactured in polymers of high performance polyaryletheretherketone (PEEK) according to the American Standard ASTM F-2026. The cages are available in the models Anatomic Cervical, Tapered Cervical, Lumbar Posterior (TLIF), Standard & Lordotic (PLIF). According to Roberto Parpaioli, the biggest difference of the PEEK cages consists of the elasticity module next to the bone.

"This allows a better load transference and answers to the mechanical requirements. PEEK is a radiolucent material which allows visualizing the bone growing adjacent to the implant and the bone fusion process", stated the manager. Validated by the Standard ISO 10993, the polymer PEEK used by Baumer S.A. is produced by the American company Invibio, a worldwide reference in the manufacturing of the raw material.

The Pedicle Screw with Porous Plasma has the beneficial potential of an efficient and quick optimization of the biological fixation, specially in the cases of porotic vertebrae. The result is associated with the porous finish of the material which provides a better stability of the pedicle screw at the vertebral body. The models are Standard, Articulated and Double Body with titanium Porous Plasma coating.

Baumer S.A. also launches the Anti-Torque Wrench for the final tightening of the Pedicle screw. The instrument must be used at the end of the assembly of the column fixation kit. According to Roberto Parpaioli, the Anti-Torque wrench avoids the risk of loosening and loss of the deformity corrections very common in conventional systems. "The instrument is innovative throughout the world and is subject of international patent requirement", he added.

Baumer S.A. is a company dedicated to develop solutions, equipment and services to hospitals, clinics and odontological offices. Founded in 1952, the company manufactures and commercializes goods for the implant sectors, sterilization, laundry, surgical centres, water and health solid waste treatment. An expert in the manufacturing of prostheses in Latin America, it is certified to commercialize its products in Brazil, Europe and Asia. Baumer S.A. works with the commitment of facilitating the life of health professionals and their patients by offering high quality products.

Source: Baumer

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