Bull Evidian helps Belgian hospital improve security and staff effectiveness

Dendermonde 26 May 2009Hospital AZ Sint Blasius selected Bull Evidian's Enterprise SSO solution for all its health care and administrative personnel. The hospital's decision was driven in part by Evidian's ability to integrate user provisioning and identity management features with its single sign-on solution.


"Evidian's Enterprise SSO is an excellent fit for AZ Sint Blasius' core values of security, information, comfort, health care quality and speed", stated Dirk De Wachter, ICT and Data Manager. "We are confident that Enterprise SSO will reinforce our security procedures by introducing strong authentication techniques while speeding up access to patient information. So doctors and nurses will deliver quality health care services faster."

AZ Sint Blasius will use Bull Evidian solutions to streamline its identity management procedures. Although its staff had grown by 50 percent over the last ten years, the hospital still managed authorizations on a case-by-case basis. This generates a large amount of administrative work whenever personnel were hired, moved to another department or left the hospital.

AZ Sint Blasius quickly realized that the best first step for identity management is single sign-on (SSO). This produces immediate, visible results while gathering information on application access, thus laying the groundwork for role-based provisioning in a second step. As Bull Evidian's software integrates both SSO and identity management, it provides a one-stop solution that does not need further integration.

Along with Evidian Enterprise SSO, AZ Sint Blasius will roll out PCs in kiosk mode with fast user switching. Doctors and nurses will access medical applications quickly using proximity-detection radio smart cards.

"The result is extremely positive. Users are very happy because Enterprise SSO eliminates frequent and complex logon procedures", stated Dirk De Wachter. "The functional proof-of-concept only lasted a week, after which the decision to roll out Evidian's solution was obvious."

During the pilot installation, AZ Sint Blasius performed the integration of its medical and administrative applications with single sign-on. The point-and-click process of Evidian Enterprise SSO was judged to be very fast and easy.

Among the benefits expected from the solution: a significant reduction in help-desk load. Currently, if a password is left unchanged for more than 45 days, the user account is locked. AZ Sint Blasius estimates that SSO will eliminate a few thousand "lost password" calls a year, so the IT staff will be able to focus on more useful tasks.

Lastly, Enterprise SSO with strong authentication enabled the hospital to diagnose and correct unsatisfactory security practices. This ranged from password management and shared accounts to medical application behaviour issues.

Founded in the year 1202, AZ Sint Blasius delivers health care services in the city of Dendermonde, Belgium. Its 1140 employees, including doctors, nurses and administration, handle 160.000 consultations each year. It is located in 2 campuses in Dendermonde and Zele and offers 441 hospital beds.

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Source: Bull

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