Polycom and AMD Global Telemedicine Inc. to deliver integrated visual and voice telehealth capability to clinicians on-the-go

North Chelmsford 10 June 2009Polycom Inc., a global expert in telepresence, video, and voice communications solutions, and AMD Global Telemedicine Inc. have introduced an integrated voice and video solution for telehealth providers. The AMD Dynamic Encounter Network, or ADEN, which allows for capture, control, transmission and management of robust medical device data, now incorporates Polycom's Converged Management Application (CMA) and Polycom CMA Desktop client in its on-screen display.


ADEN is an IP based, publicly addressable, on-demand secure extensible data transmission conduit for the delivery of encrypted medical device information. ADEN features embedded EMR integration capabilities, is unified communications ready, requires no special data network configuration, and is designed to work on virtually any network.

The Polycom Converged Management Application (CMA) simplifies the provisioning and management of visual communication solutions, and with CMA Desktop, practitioners are able to see live video sessions from anywhere over an Internet connection. CMA Desktop is a highly scalable and cost-effective video collaboration application for personal computers and an excellent means for clinicians to participate in telehealth sessions regardless of location.

This solution offers a secure, easy-to-use, real-time view of the patient being seen, their electronic health record (EHR) and all relevant medical device images and data. The integration of these systems can dramatically streamline a clinician's work flow by offering the lowest cost, highest quality, completely mobile telemedicine offering available today. As long as caregivers have an Internet connection and a browser, they can access the integrated ADEN/CMA Desktop solutions. CMA Desktop has a low cost of deployment, and the ability to add providers to the network for very little cost, which means telemedicine providers can expand their networks with very little additional overhead. Additionally, the data can be captured, recorded, and replayed when needed.

"Polycom is a long-time and very important partner of AMD", stated Steve Normandin, President of AMD Global Telemedicine. "The ability to integrate Polycom visual communication solutions into our medical care systems has proven invaluable to our customers. As a Polycom ARENA partner, AMD can leverage Polycom technology, marketing, and sales channels in its telehealth offerings, ensuring that our customers have best-in-class video as part of their overall solutions."

Polycom ARENA enables ecosystem partners such as AMD to develop, test and certify interoperability between their solutions and the Polycom platform of voice, video and content collaborative solutions.

Ron Emerson, Polycom Global Director of Healthcare, added: "AMD Global Telemedicine is known in the market for its innovative and high quality systems. AMD Global Telemedicine utilizing Polycom video conferencing in ADEN means our joint customers will have the most flexible, easy-to-use telemedicine solution that the market has long been waiting for; one that can be used anywhere, anytime, allowing for ultimate flexibility in telemedicine today."

AMD Global Telemedicine is a worldwide supplier of telemedicine equipment and technology devices used in telemedicine with more than 5000 installed sites in 74 countries. AMD devices and tConsult software products offer clinically acclaimed, cost-effective solutions for the most challenging medical applications. AMD also provides complete technical support in programme design, device integration, training, and remedial service to assure a successful programme implementation.

Polycom Inc. is a global expert in telepresence, video, and voice solutions and a visionary in communications that empower people to connect and collaborate everywhere. More company news is available in the VMW December 2007 article Doctors volunteering time through Medical Missions for Children impact lives of 26.000 children worldwide using Polycom video for remote diagnostics and telemedicine.

Source: AMD Global Telemedicine

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