trakSTAR Wide-Range tracks up to 16 miniaturized sensors over 2 meter range

Burlington 29 July 2009Ascension's new trakSTAR Wide-Range is now available for ultra fast tracking of small sensors over long ranges. Users can select update rates as high as 240 times a second for each of 16 miniaturized sensors.


"This new launch is in direct response to customers who love our new 3D Guidance trackers, but want more sensors and more range. This product doubles the range of our popular mid-range transmitter and quadruples its number of sensors", stated Vice President Jack Scully.

trakSTAR employs Ascension's proprietary pulsed-DC tracking technology to control the distorting effects of non-magnetic metals in the immediate working area. The 3D Guidance line of DC magnetic trackers are unaffected by common nearby metals, such as stainless steel (300 series), titanium, and, with user selectable frequency adjustment, aluminum.

Ascension's Wide-Range Transmitter (WRT) enables tracking in a 2-meter radius. trakSTAR is powered by one desktop electronics unit for each four sensor cluster. Electronics units contain onboard power supplies and a high-speed USB interface to a host computer.

trakSTAR's advanced control techniques provide high signal-to-noise performance for stable, quiet tracking of position and orientation measurements. It also minimizes jitter in measurements caused by "power-line" noise sources - without reducing its fast, dynamic tracking.

Chuck Stevens, Ascension's Engineering Manager, stated: "Like driveBAY, trakSTAR incorporates the latest advances in Ascension's patented signal generation and digital signal processing. As a result, it carries the computational horsepower of larger magnetic tracking systems, but in a much smaller form factor. It also contains extensive onboard diagnostics to detect abnormal conditions and make run-time corrections."


Software support includes Windows drivers, utilities, sample code, and an API. Environmentally friendly, trakSTAR's electronics are RoHS and WEEE compliant while meeting all pertinent electrical and safety standards.

Based in Burlington, Vermont, USA, Ascension is a world expert in magnetic, optical and hybrid tracking products for real-time tracking, navigation and guidance for virtual reality, biomechanical, simulation, animation, medical, and military applications. More information is available at the Ascension website and in the VMW April 2009 article Civco and Ascension partner to offer 3D guidance of needles.

Source: Ascension Technology

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