PatientNOW signs agreements with Tangent and Surescripts and improves medical practice insurance billing

Highlands Ranch 17 July 2009PatientNOW, a provider of electronic medical records (EMR) and medical practice management software to the aesthetic market, has signed a reseller agreement with Tangent, that will provide state-of-the-art medical computers and tablets to surgical and aesthetic physicians nation-wide. PatientNOW allows doctors to better manage their patient's information while saving time and improving services. The medical practices front office can now quickly verify a patient's insurance or submit claims by using PatientNOW's new Insurance Bill Module for PatientNOW Medical Records Suite 5.0. The company has also signed an agreement with Surescripts to provide e-prescribing and e-refills using SureScripts for PatientNOW medical practices.


Computers have become an integral component of medical practices over the years, and with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, or what is referred to as the Stimulus Package propelling Electronic Medical Records (EMR) into health care, the need for medical practices to move to a paperless office has become paramount.

Today physicians are seeing more patients on a daily basis than ever, creating larger numbers of charts that need to be completed by the end of each day. A growing number of physicians are using a portable wireless tablet, such as Tangent's Medix 10T, to enter patient information during the examination. This allows the physician to document the necessary details in the Electronic Medical Records system while meeting with the patient. This also permits the physician to see the allotted number of patients without having to deal with paperwork at the end of the day.

Tangent recently released the Medix 10T touch screen tablet that uses hot swappable batteries instead of a single battery, allowing a physician to use the tablet the entire day, switching batteries as needed, and never having to waste time waiting on the device to reboot. In addition, the Medix 10T has an integrated fingerprint reader and barcode scanner so that medical tasks can be performed efficiently anywhere in the office. Tangent's systems are hospital grade and are used by personnel throughout the medical practice such as the front office to check in patients or schedule appointments, and the back-office to quickly enter or access information on wall-mounted terminals.

Using PatientNOW's Medical Suite 5.0 software running on Tangent computer systems allows the medical practice to manage patient information while saving time and improving services of the practice. Tasks such as insurance verification, e-prescribing, EMR, inventory, electronic billing, and point-of-sale can all be accomplished using PatientNOW.

Medical practices have always been apprehensive in dealing with a patient's insurance due to a possible lapse in patient coverage or handling insurance billing once the procedure is completed. PatientNOW has removed this worry by integrating an insurance verification and billing module into their Medical Records Suite 5.0 software. The suite already provides complete practice management features such as scheduling, electronic medical records (EMR), procedural estimates, and e-prescribing.

The addition of the Insurance Billing Module will allow the medical practice front office personnel to verify a patient's insurance while scheduling the appointment or during a walk-in, reducing the concern that the patient's coverage has lapsed. Furthermore, the practice will be able to electronically submit claims and check their status using the same Medical Records Suite 5.0 software.

"Integrating PatientNOW into my clinic has been one of the best practice decisions I have made in recent years. The software is quite comprehensive and helps me manage both aesthetic and insurance-based patients in an entirely paperless environment. For the investment price, I am not certain you will find a more robust EMR system", stated John M. Hilinski, M.D., San Diego Face & Neck Specialties.

"The transition (so far) has been much less painful than I anticipated and at this point I feel really good about my decision to go with this company. The fact that the software is constantly updating to accommodate the needs of my practice is fantastic. Now that I understand how it works, the software seems to have enough flexibility for me to build it the way I want to function. I look forward to continuing to work with the team and making it even better", stated Douglas Hendricks, MD, Pacific Plastic Surgery.

By eliminating paper, phone and fax from prescribing, electronic prescribing with PatientNOW Medical Suite 5.0 makes getting patients the medications they need a safer and more efficient process. E-prescribing replaces old, error-prone approaches to prescribing - e.g. handwritten prescriptions, computer-printed prescriptions and, perhaps most mystifying of all, computer-faxed prescriptions. E-Prescribing reduces the risk of medication errors associated with poor handwriting, illegible faxes, similar sounding/named drugs and manual data entry.

E-Refills save physicians time and money by dramatically reducing the number of phone calls and faxes typically associated with the refill authorization process. Because PatientNOW is connected to the Pharmacy Health Information Exchange, operated by SureScripts, pharmacies can send refill authorization requests directly and securely to your PatientNOW as an alternative to time consuming phone calls and faxes. Physicians or authorized staff can then return approvals or denials with a few mouse clicks at their convenience, in seconds, leaving more opportunity for patient care or other reimbursable activity. Refill information is then automatically added to the patient's electronic prescription record.

Source: PatientNOW

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