SensAble Technologies adds Texas Dental Lab as newest SensAble Authorized Production Centre

Woburn 28 July 2009Dura Castings Inc. of Hurst, Texas, has joined the SensAble Authorized Production Center (SAPC) Programme. SAPCs create fixed and removable dental restorations on the industry's first touch-enabled dental CAD/CAM system, and are certified to provide fabrication services to other labs using SensAble dental systems. By expanding its global network of authorized production centres, SensAble is making it easier for dental labs of all sizes to take advantage of the increased productivity, accuracy, and consistency made possible by the award-winning SensAble Dental Lab System.


SensAble Authorized Production Centres produce restorations for their own dentists, as well as provide design and/or fabrication services to other dental labs using the SensAble Dental Lab System. They ensure consistent, high-quality results by using only SensAble-approved fabrication methods and adhering to strict quality standards to remain "SensAble-certified". These SensAble Authorized Production Centres gain marketing exposure from SensAble, and provide a valuable service to other dental labs whose business models support outsourcing digital design or production rather than investing in a complete production system.

"Owning the SensAble system fits perfectly with our strategy to stay on the leading edge with CAD/CAM", stated Greg Houser, CDT, owner of Dura Castings Inc., which specializes in partial dentures. "It allows us to use the latest technology to benefit our customers, giving us greater efficiency and better fitting partials - which ultimately means happier patients. As one of the first SensAble Authorized Production Centres in the South, Dura Castings looks forward to providing 3D printing or fabrication services to other area labs that purchase only the scan and design components of the SensAble Dental Lab System."

"Whether they own or outsource, SensAble is committed to giving dental labs of all sizes a path to the digital future", stated Bob Steingart, president of SensAble Dental Products. "Digital dentistry is transforming the industry, and labs want the freedom to focus on the parts of the process that make the most sense for their business and to use the materials of their choice."

Founded in 1977, Dura Castings Inc. is a Forth Worth, Texas-area dental lab specializing in removable dental restorations with a commitment to quality and technology-driven innovation.

The SensAble Dental Lab System is an integrated digital solution to scan, design and fabricate common dental restorations. It is the first integrated digital solution to support the production process for removable partial frameworks, as well as full contour crown and bridge. The system's unique "3D Virtual Touch" stylus allows technicians to digitally design multiple restoration types with unmatched speed and precision - while keeping the artistry and manual dexterity they have spent years perfecting.

In the SensAble system, technicians hold a "Nintendo-Wii-like" haptic (touch-enabled) device instead of a computer mouse. They use virtual wax-up tools to literally "feel" the on-screen model as they apply, smooth and carve "digital wax". This touch-enabled approach mimics the traditional method of hand modelling dental restorations - yet adds the consistency, precision and repeatability of a digital system.

Founded in 1993, SensAble Technologies is a developer of 3D touch-enabled (force feedback) solutions and technology that allow users to not only see and hear an on-screen computer application, but to actually "feel" it. With 41 patents granted and over 7000 systems installed worldwide, SensAble Technologies' haptic technology is being used in applications ranging from designing toys and footwear, to surgical simulation and stroke rehabilitation, to dental restorations, as well as a range of research and robotic applications.

The company markets its own 3D modelling solutions as well as its haptic devices and developer toolkits to medical, dental, design, and manufacturing companies; educational and research institutions; and OEMs. SensAble products are available through direct and reseller channels worldwide. More company news is available in the VMW June 2009 article Dental Prosthetics Services (DPS) becomes first TEREC member to deploy the SensAble Dental Lab System.

Source: SensAble Technologies

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