White Pine Systems and Avicenna Medical Systems announce agreement to deliver integrated telemedicine and interoperable PHR solution to improve chronic disease management

Ann Arbor 06 August 2009White Pine Systems LLC, an emerging provider of on-line personal health records solutions, and Avicenna Medical Systems Inc., an established provider of clinical disease management systems, have entered into a joint marketing agreement to offer an integrated telemedicine/PHR solution to help clinical staff, patients and their families better manage chronic medical conditions.


White Pine's on-line PHR system, called SPINNphr, the Secure Personal Information & Notification Network, allows people to create and manage their own on-line personal health information networks, to improve health-related communication and provide critical information at the time and place of need. For health care providers, SPINNphr is designed to allow hospitals, physicians groups and clinics to offer their patients their own privately labeled, configurable personal health record system. SPINNphr is built to connect with Microsoft HealthVault.

Avicenna's disease management system, called AviTracks, helps clinics manage patient information, work flows and communication to improve patient outcomes and reduce operating cost. Focused on helping clinical staff provide care to patients after they are discharged, AviTracks automatically monitors lab results, standardizes treatment protocols, updates staff, increases productivity, and manages large numbers of patients according to the clinic's specifications.

"We are excited to collaborate with White Pine to meet this critical need", stated Erdwing Coronado, Avicenna's co-founder and CEO. "When it comes to chronic medical conditions like diabetes, congestive heart failure or other chronic medical conditions, nearly 50 percent of a care unit's activity is spent on follow-up care and documentation, including ensuring appointments are kept, tests are reviewed, treatments are adjusted and treatment changes are relayed to patients and other care givers. These complicated and burdensome responsibilities are labour intensive and subject to human error. By integrating with SPINNphr to improve communication with patients and other care givers, we are confident we can lower the cost, improve care and increase satisfaction for patients and their families as well as for clinical staff."

"We are honoured by Avicenna's selection of White Pine to be their partner to provide this innovative solution for outpatient care", stated Doug Dormer, White Pine's founder and CEO. "We've seen how effective AviTracks is as a telemedicine platform to co-ordinate care for individual patients as well as measure staff productivity and evaluate outcomes across the entire care unit. By combining Avicenna's clinical-side decision support and telemedicine system with our consumer-side interoperable PHR system, we can offer a complete outpatient chronic disease management solution that compliments an organization's existing investment in electronic medical records systems. We are confident that with this combined technology, we will be able to help clinicians and patients reduce the number of avoidable hospitalizations - one of the most important measures of the quality and cost effectiveness of health care."

To jump start this new alliance, White Pine and Avicenna have prepared two pilot proposal documents, focused on management of congestive heart failure - and anti-coagulation therapy in particular - and cancer.

White Pine Systems LLC is a privately held company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Its flagship product, SPINNphr, the Secure Personal Information and Notification Network, is a low cost, fully configurable, private-labeled, PHR solution that improves communication between patients, health care providers and the patient's extended network of official and unofficial care givers. Built to connect with the Microsoft HealthVault personal health information platform, SPINNphr bridges the gap between EMR systems used by providers and emerging PHR platforms to achieve the promise of patient and family-centred chronic disease management. SPINNphr connects family, guardians and health care providers through their own secure personal health network to deliver the right information any time, any place.

Avicenna Medical Systems Inc. is a privately held company located in Ann Arbor, Michigan that develops and markets software solutions to improve the quality of care, information flow, and financial efficiency in Chronic Disease Management and Clinical Procedure Documentation. The founding of Avicenna resulted from the work of a group of physicians and IT professionals addressing issues of work flow efficiency in a world-class health system. Avicenna's products address five specialty segments: Electrophysiology, Anti-coagulation, Rheumatology, Chronic Heart Failure, and Cancer.

In use since 2002, AviTracks has been shown to lower operating costs, double clinic productivity and reduce adverse events by 75 percent over the most recent five years managing over 2,5 million patient encounters.

Source: White Pine Systems

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