Entra Health Systems demonstrates MyGlucoHealth wireless monitoring solution for the management of gestational diabetes

San Diego 06 August 2009Entra Health Systems, an international applied health care technology company, has demonstrated how the MyGlucoHealth chronic disease management platform could be effective in the monitoring and treatment of gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes is one of the most common health care complications during pregnancy. It affects nearly 8 percent of expectant mothers in the United States and is significantly higher among some ethnic populations worldwide. For gestational diabetes management, the MyGlucoHealth Bluetooth-enabled blood glucose meter works as part of an automated diabetic care solution that can be used by obstetricians to more closely monitor and manage the disease as a part of prenatal treatment.


For the expectant mother, Bluetooth communication built-in to every MyGlucoHealth meter securely connects them to a real-time on-line network to upload, evaluate and share their blood sugar readings using a mobile phone or PC. In addition to directly charting test readings, the MyGlucoHealth Patient Portal helps the mother monitor critical factors during pregnancy like weight gain, blood pressure, and medication. Using the MyGlucoHealth Mobile Application on a cell phone, patients have access to a mobile web browser to review test results, view charts, as well as enter weight, exercise and nutritional information.

"MyGlucoHealth enables the treating obstetrician or clinic to remotely monitor daily blood glucose readings, as well as direct the care of the patient", stated John Hendel, Chairman of Entra Health Systems. "The period of treatment for a gestational diabetic patient is relatively short, but during that time there is significant risk for a number of complications to both the expectant mother and the unborn child. MyGlucoHealth offers a suite of diabetic management tools that directly connect the patient with their physician throughout the term of the pregnancy. This enables the mother and the obstetrician to work in concert to provide better prenatal care."

For the obstetrician, the secure MyGlucoHealth Physicians' Portal provides access to a dashboard of all of their patients' testing data. Readings for each patient are logged and colour-coded, based on individual criteria, while underlying test data is available to evaluate in detail. MyGlucoHealth's on-line resources eliminate the need for patient logbooks, supplying the physician with more accurate, real-time information.

On the Physicians' Portal, the doctor can establish individual or global monitoring targets and alert settings for patients to flag records when test readings, testing frequency or averages fall outside of prescribed levels. The Portal will notify the obstetrician directly or alert the patient, or a family member if readings exceed thresholds. The secure messaging features of the Portal enables patients and clinicians to send and receive communications back and forth about patient condition, testing results or medication options.

MyGlucoHealth is the first and only FDA cleared and CE certified Bluetooth glucometer of its kind in the world. The meter along with the MyGlucoHealth Network form an integrated telehealth platform supporting patients and health care professionals in the control and treatment of diabetes. MyGlucoHealth gives patients more direct control over their care and provides clear lines of communication with clinicians and caregivers.

The MyGlucoHealth meter works in combination with a real-time on-line data collection network to upload and manage blood glucose readings using a mobile phone or PC. This eliminates the need for patients to maintain personal logbooks, improving data accuracy and removing the opportunity for incomplete or "manufactured" readings.

Using the MyGlucoHealth Portal at www.myglucohealth.net, or regional sites throughout the world, patients securely transmit and evaluate their daily readings while communicating those same results to their families, caregiver or diabetic care specialist.

Entra Health Systems, headquartered in San Diego, is an international applied technology company whose charter is to improve health care management. Entra Health's products and services improve communication between the patient, clinician and caregiver. Entra Health provides technologies that enhance patient care while at the same time reducing the burden on health care providers. Improved patient care means better patient outcomes and reductions in the cost of care.

Source: Entra Health Systems

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