IVT Corporation announces mobile health services in China

Beijing 10 September 2009IVT Corporation has launched a new mobile health service in China. It is a complete remote medical monitoring solution that allows medical monitoring from home, reducing the risk of diseases and assisting with speedy rescue in the case of an emergency.


This system consists of a device kit which includes a S120 special designed mobile phone, a wireless blood pressure meter, a wireless ECG monitor, a wireless oximeter, and a wireless PSTN access point. Using this set of devices, patients can measure their blood pressure, cardiogram and blood oxygenation. The results, which stand for vital life signs, are displayed on the S120 and sent to the patient's personal health database on a remote on-line server where the data is saved. The whole procedure is fully automated. Also, the test results can be automatically forwarded to a third party via short messages, allowing a patient's relatives to easily monitor their loved one's medical condition. The devices kit is very small, convenient to carry and attractively cased.

An on-line network platform has been created where the personal health data of patients are recorded in a database. All health data can be accessed remotely at any time by hospitals, emergency centres, or patients and their relatives. Moreover, this on-line platform provides a series of health care information. A special entry is given to the national emergency centre, such that when the emergency centre receives a call, based on the incoming caller ID - the calling mobile number, the emergency centre can access the caller's e-patient record. Therefore, emergency centres can prepare a better rescue plan. Similarly, a special entry is given to hospitals, based on the patient's mobile number, allowing doctors to access the caller's e-patient record. This gives doctors a better understanding patient's health history.

A call centre provides 24-hour services in China with health consultations, and instantly assists on processing the emergency rescue requirements sent by client terminals.

The S120 is the first health care mobile phone in the world that realizes Fixed-Mobile Convergence. It is bound with a fixed-lined telephone via the wireless PSTN access point. The mobile phone can be used as a cordless phone to make it more convenient when making/receiving fixed-line calls.

If an accident happens, the patient can press the hotkey on the S120 to connect to the emergency centre via the mobile network, if it is indoors, then it can automatically connect to the emergency centre via a PSTN line when the mobile signal is weak; it will automatically send a rescue short message - with indoor location if it is indoors - to all related parties - IVT call centre, emergency centre and their relatives; it will also automatically send a rescue signal to the IVT call centre via a GPRS link in real time.

While IVT is providing mobile health services to end-users in China, the company will also export the complete system, including the on-line platform and devices kit, outside China. IVT can localize the on-line network platform and is currently looking for partners to provide such services worldwide.

Source: IVT Corporation

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