Critical Signal Technologies acquires Link to Life to grow depth and expertise in telehealth, personal emergency response and medical monitoring systems

Farmington Hills 16 September 2009Critical Signal Technologies Inc. (CST) has acquired the stock and assets of GTL Inc. dba as "Link to Life" along with Link Technologies Inc., and will integrate its product and service offerings into CST to provide cost-effective personal emergency response, telehealth and medical monitoring systems, improving the independence and quality of life for older adults, the disabled and people managing health conditions. CST President and CEO Jeffery S. Prough made the announcement at the Pittsfield, Massachusetts headquarters of Link to Life. The terms of the agreement between the two privately-held companies were not disclosed.


"This acquisition will help us make people's lives easier", stated Jeffery S. Prough. "Our products and services help older adults and people managing illness and disease live with more independence and dignity. We look forward to offering even more cost-effective solutions to people's health and wellness challenges as a result of this acquisition."

Link to Life's primary product portfolio focuses on medication management and medical alert systems, more commonly known as Personal Emergency Response Systems, which connect users to a 24-hour response centre upon the push of a button during a medical emergency. CST's offerings include Personal Emergency Response Systems that summon help during a fall or medical emergency; Medication Management Systems that ensure proper dispensing of prescribed medications over a multi-day period; TeleHealth systems that monitor vital signs and alert physicians or other caregivers automatically and monitoring and alert systems for multi-tenant facilities such as independent living, assisted living and long-term care.

Both Link to Life's Massachusetts and CST's Michigan facilities will remain in operation, giving CST added redundancy in its monitoring and response capabilities. The combination of the two creates one of the industry's most technologically advanced and scalable monitoring platforms and will provide uninterrupted response centre service in the event of a natural disaster or other crisis at either facility. Following the acquisition, the new combined company will employ over 100 people.

"We have a responsibility to the customers who have trusted Link to Life with their health and well-being for 30 years, and that's a commitment we anticipate that CST will continue", stated Larry Rosenthal, who was CEO of Link to Life and now holds an equity stake in CST. "We can now offer the customers who came to CST from Link to Life even more solutions to their health challenges while continuing to provide the personal and caring customer service that they have known from Link to Life."

The CST product and service portfolio not only increases independence and security for its customers, but also reduces overall health care costs for families and institutions and reduces unnecessary government and insurance health expenditures. For instance, hospital patients can be released more quickly and safely to homes when vital sign monitoring is in place. Missed or incorrect medication doses are a major cause of admittance or re-admittance to a hospital. TeleHealth systems in rural environments can save thousands of dollars in emergency medical transport costs. Motion detection and fall monitoring can reduce the need for home health care aide visits. Institutional monitoring and alert systems can make facility staff more efficient and responsive.

"At a time when our national attention is focused on making health care more efficient and effective, our technology-based solutions to many of these fundamental issues make more sense than ever", stated Jeffery S. Prough. "We already work closely with insurers, government programmes and other health care payers to identify ways in which we can maintain or improve quality of life and quality of care while saving money. As America continues to get older and more sensitive to health care costs, we believe that our existing and future solutions will continue to make sense for patients, families and facilities of all kinds."

Headquartered in Farmington Hills, Michigan, Critical Signal Technologies (CST) is a provider of Personal Emergency Response Systems, medication management systems and teleHealth solutions. Founded in 2006, privately-held CST operates 24/7 care centres in Michigan and Massachusetts and serves individual and institutional clients throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

Source: Critical Signal Technologies

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