Glowpoint empowers hospital patients with second opinions via HD video and exclusive TEN service

Hillside 19 October 2009Glowpoint Inc., a provider of managed services for telepresence and video conferencing, has issued a case study that highlights three video collaboration applications in use at El Camino Hospital, a not-for-profit organisation with hospital campuses in Mountain View and Los Gatos, California. In one of the applications, El Camino Hospital utilizes Glowpoint's Telepresence interExchange Network (TEN) service for secure, high-quality network connectivity to provide patients with remote access to as many as 14 expert opinions. In addition to enabling more diagnosis options, the service also reduces travel costs for doctors and patients while increasing the overall quality of patient care.


"Since establishing the Glowpoint video-conferencing connection with City of Hope, a cancer institute in Duarte, California, we have held monthly joint tumour boards, which have benefited patients in both locations", stated Shyamali Singhal, MD PhD, a surgical oncologist who serves as medical director of the Cancer Center at El Camino Hospital.

"Each team presents challenging patient cases, including sharing high-definition images of key diagnostics, such as CT scans, digital X-rays, and pathology slides. We seek input from participating oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, internists, pharmacists, and a wide range of other clinical team members. These robust discussions allow the team to consider a wide range of medical and surgical perspectives, and capture the latest clinical thinking around the patient's unique situation and best treatment options. We are looking forward to expanding our use of the technology in other clinical areas, and to other locations and care teams."

HD-quality video conferencing is extremely beneficial for viewing CT scans, which involve an X-ray technique that produces images of the body that visualize internal structures in cross section.

Glowpoint's case study of El Camino Hospital's video applications includes:

  • Diagnosis and care planning collaboration between El Camino Hospital's Cancer Center in Mountain View, California, and City of Hope, a renowned cancer institute in Duarte, California.
  • Diagnosis collaboration for CT scans and tumour reviews
  • El Camino Hospital's medical education collaboration with the American College of Surgeons at a recent medical convention in New Orleans

Glowpoint's Vice President of Marketing Jonathan Brust stated: "These case studies demonstrate the value of Glowpoint's managed services for video, and are a testament to the spirit of medical innovation at El Camino Hospital. Medical providers may want to consider offering this type of service to their patient community, as it benefits patients with medical advice and convenience, and can dramatically improve efficiencies in health care and drive added cost savings."

More than five percent of Glowpoint's current business is attributable to the health care industry. Glowpoint anticipates further growth in these sectors due to a growing demand for health care reform, for reduced operating costs, and for improved co-ordination among public health organisations and governments around the world. For example, Glowpoint's TEN could be instrumental in linking ministries of health in developing nations with the best health care providers in developed countries to address some of the most pressing health issues among children and other at-risk populations.

Glowpoint Inc. is a provider of advanced video communications solutions. Glowpoint's suite of robust telepresence and video communications solutions enable organisations to communicate with each other over disparate networks and technology platforms. Glowpoint supports thousands of video communications systems in more than 35 countries with its 24/7 video management services. Glowpoint also powers major broadcasters, Fortune 500 companies, as well as global carriers and video equipment manufacturers - and their customers - worldwide.

The El Camino Hospital case study is available at the Glowpoint website.

Source: Glowpoint

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