UK's leading clinical managed service provider forms new health links with China

Cardiff 12 November 2009Home Telehealth Limited (HTL), the premier United Kingdom provider of telehealth solutions and disease management services and winner of the prestigious "NHS Innovations Partnership with the NHS Award 2009" is once again in demand for its innovative nurse-led Telehealth Care Centre clinical managed services, this time from China. HTL won the NHS award in recognition of their work with the NHS in the provision of a new concept in telehealth enabled care delivery for the management of people with long-term chronic conditions which resulted in both improved business performance and benefited patient care.


HTL, headquartered in Cardiff with its nurse-led call centre based in Belfast, have just returned from high level meetings in Chongqing, China, following the signing earlier this year of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Chongqing Health Bureau and Welsh Assembly Government Department for Public Health and Primary Care.

The MOU formalises the setting up of a primary health care project in Chongqing to collaborate and co-operate in the development of primary health care systems, including the professional development and training of health care staff and staff exchange programmes to Chongqing.

The Chinese Government's recently announced a policy statement on "Deepening Healthcare System Reform" which seeks, with a budget of $124 billion dollars to, among other things, build a health clinic in each of the country's 700.000 villages. The population of Chongqing is 32 million and HTL is seen to be a provider of innovative solutions to implementing elements of this programme.

HTL is committed to delivering the UK Government's Telecare and Telehealth agenda by providing "best of breed" solutions to enable independent living initiatives and the management of people with long-term conditions. These solutions are making a huge impact on people's quality of life, improvement in education and management of their long-term condition whilst assisting NHS Trusts and Community Care providers by reducing hospital admissions.

HTL is partnered with one of the world's leading telehealth providers of disease management services whose unique solution is completely software-based and 100 percent Internet based. Its clinical content has the most developed nursing assessment clinical protocols than anyone in the industry. Recently it was announced that HTL had been shortlisted on two bids for the substantial 5000 patient Remote Telemonitoring Northern Ireland (RTNI) Managed Service programme with British Telecommunications PLC, Hewlett Packard Ltd. and Honeywell HomMed, the latter of which HTL has an existing partnership agreement with.

HTL delivers its solution through best of breed technology which every day instructs patients to take their blood pressure, breathing measurements, and weight or blood glucose readings, as appropriate to their long term condition. It can also provide medication reminders and ask them questions about their health. All this information is sent via the Internet to the nurse-led call centre for clinical triage which can then be escalated to be managed by community matrons, specialist nurses and other health care professionals.

Through HTL's clinical managed service, there is a growing body of evidence based research that demonstrates that implementation of this service provides an attractive return on investment for health care providers and substantial savings to hard pressed health care budgets. Perhaps most importantly however, is the human touch. As stated by one nurse at the end of an HTL trial: "The patients felt empowered and there was an overall improvement in their quality of life. Some of the comments from the patients proved to us how beneficial they felt it all was. One man described the experience 'like having your GP in the room all the time'."

Home Telehealth Limited is a United Kingdom health care solutions and integration provider, involved in the management and prevention of Long Term Conditions (LTC), formally known as chronic disease, and the leading "technology agnostic" Telehealth Managed Services Provider in the United Kingdom. HTL, established in 2002, comprises of clinicians and technologists at the forefront developing telehealth and telemedicine solutions for the management of patients with LTC's in a variety of community care settings.

A range of products and services are provided including "Vital Touch". This solution offers care providers with an integrated low cost solution for the collection, management and analysis of essential patient related data, and permits efficient interaction between clinicians and patients at home. "Vital Touch" provides access to health information, video calling to clinicians and carers, medication reminders through a touch-screen computer interface or TV set top box operation and designed to meet the needs of older people.

Based in Cardiff, Bristol and Belfast, Home Telehealth Limited is a "multi-national" company that delivers timely and accurate health information systems through partnership and collaboration, its technology solutions are secure, reliable, and portable. The company's professional staff have some ten or more years "hands-on" telehealth experience and the products and services are on the NHS PASA NFA. Additionally, HTL manages some 50.000 NHS patient interactions per year from its nurse-led Care Centre.

Technology for health, social and community care is evolving rapidly, HTL's telehealth and telemedicine products are designed for health and care organisations and individuals with Long Term Conditions such as COPD, congestive heart failure, hypertension, diabetes, asthma, and obesity. More company news is available in the VMW April 2009 article Home Telehealth Limited wins second National Award with its innovative nurse-led Telehealth Care Centre.

Source: Home Telehealth Limited

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