Monday Medical to introduce innovative I-port device for diabetics

Poznan 09 November 2009Monday Medical has launched the I-port, a breakthrough device in the treatment of diabetes. This small injection port significantly reduces the emotional and physical stress associated with daily injections of insulin. It offers a simple and convenient way to take multiple injections each day without having to puncture the skin for each dose.


The I-port is an injection port which reduces the number of necessary skin punctures to only one every three days, in a manner similar to the insulin pump. The device will increase the choice of insulin application methods available to diabetics in the United Kingdom, offering a way that saves them a lot of stress and pain associated with daily injections. It may lead to better compliance with diabetes treatment regimen, and will, without a doubt, have a great impact on the treatment for children.

The I-port is a discrete device that, once attached to the body, allows multiple injections of medication without repeatedly piercing the skin. One I-port can remain in place for up to three days and does not need to be removed for most daily activities, such as bathing, sleeping and many forms of physical exercise.

The I-port can be a great relief for people with diabetes. First of all, it minimises pain by reducing the number of skin punctures to one every three days. Insulin doses are then applied painlessly with the help of the device. The I-port may reduce the risk of skin thickening and pitting, bruises and bleedings, and enables many patients to better control their therapy. Application of insulin becomes essentially pain free, thus individual shots are taken with less reluctance. This encourages more disciplined maintenance of prescribed glucose levels, which may in turn reduce the possibility of diabetes related complications in the future.

Although a prescription is not required to purchase the I-port, individuals considering using the device should consult with their doctor and the user guide prior to doing so. The I-port functions as a medication delivery channel directly into the subcutaneous tissue. When applying the I-port, an insertion needle guides a soft cannula - a small, flexible tube - under the skin. Once applied, the insertion needle is removed and only the soft cannula remains below the skin, acting as the gateway into the subcutaneous tissue.

When injecting through the I-port, the needle of the syringe or insulin pen remains above the surface of the skin, while the medication is immediately delivered through the soft cannula and into the subcutaneous tissue.

The I-port was introduced to the United States market in 2007 by Patton Medical Devices, and since that time it has had a huge success, changing the life of thousands of people. Monday Medical, as the European distributor of the I-port, supports I-port users with the help of the multi-language customer care team, as well as providing doctors and other health care professionals with information and training.

The I-port is already available through the company's website, but Monday Medical is currently negotiating the terms of its distribution with several companies in the United Kingdom. The aim is that it soon becomes available in pharmacies, medical shops and hospitals throughout the country.

Patton Medical Devices was founded by Catherine "KK" Patton, three years after she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes while pregnant with her first child. Like most individuals with type 1 diabetes, Catherine was first introduced to injection therapy to treat her condition. As time passed, she grew weary of having to give herself a shot each time she needed insulin. The multiple daily injections often left her skin bruised and Catherine quickly found herself skipping meals in order to avoid taking injections.

Realizing an unmet need existed, Catherine was determined to create a device that could meet her medical needs, yet have a minimal impact on her daily life. She committed herself to turning her vision into reality and, in February 2004, founded Patton Medical Devices with the goal of introducing her solution to the diabetes community. Since its inception, Patton Medical Devices has dedicated itself to exemplary customer service, providing I-port users in the United States with comprehensive support via its customer care team. Patton Medical Devices is located in Austin, Texas in the United States.

Monday Medical promotes and distributes the I-port in Europe and continues Patton's tradition by offering support for I-port users and interested medical professionals in all the major European languages. More information is available at the Monday Medical website.

Source: Monday Medical

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