Regulus launches marketing network for Health Information Technology

Lincoln 15 December 2009Regulus Communications Inc. has launched a marketing network for Health Information Technology (HIT). The HIT Business Community creates the strategic marketing features necessary for health care product and service providers to be part of the National Health Information Network (NHIN) and the Consolidated Health Informatics (CHI) initiatives.


Membership in the community is free and allows members to market health care products, services, and programmes with community features such as web pages, marketing blogs, event announcements, branded networks and forums, videos, and classified advertising.

Additional marketing features include the HIT Mobile Mall for creating a marketing presence in a mobile products and services directory; the HIT Online Campus for distance education, training, and product seminars; e-marketing for promoting member blogs, classified ads, events, and videos presentations across the Internet; customized sponsorship images for members to generated revenues from personal or company advertising from their community pages; and, e-conversion services for formatting member marketing materials, technical manuals, and health care educational materials to digital formats for the mobile devices of health care providers.

"In just a few short months, HIT product and service marketing will undergo a dramatic change in how it is delivered and used by providers", stated Richard L. Austin, project director. "Any company not responding to the change will quickly loose its brand position in what is emerging into a highly competitive mobile marketplace", he added.

To join the free HIT Business Community and establish a company, product, or programme marketplace presence, you can download a copy of the Join Guide at the Regulus Communications website.

Source: Regulus Communications

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