Halo Monitoring announces partnership with A&D Medical to offer wireless health monitoring at home

Huntsville 25 December 2009Halo Monitoring Inc., makers of wireless health care technology, have signed a partnership with A&D Medical, enabling individuals to optimally manage their own health via the Internet or provide remote health monitoring of a loved one. The partnership extends the existing myHalo web-based personal health monitoring system by adding weight and blood pressure monitoring via a wireless Bluetooth connection.


myHalo subscribers can now take advantage of this enhanced offering by using A&D Medical Bluetooth-enabled health products. The first two devices supported, as part of the partnership, are the A&D UC-321PBT Wireless Health Scale and the A&D UA-767PBT Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor. The myHalo Home Gateway connects to a standard phone line or to an Ethernet connection - when broadband is available in the home.

Users only need to step on the scale or to take a blood pressure measurement from the device; the rest is automatic - health information is seamlessly and securely transmitted to the myHalo health server for viewing only by those individuals with authorized access. The combined system offers an economical solution for chronic disease management, such as congestive heart failure (CHF) and diabetes, or simply for general personal health monitoring at home.

This partnership is formed following the Veterans Health Administration Care Co-ordination/Home Telehealth (CCHT) report published in 2008. The study proved the efficacy of telehealth. In particular, the report demonstrated a reduction in hospitalization by roughly 25 percent - or as high as 40 percent in rural areas, and a programme saving of nearly $11.000 annually per patient.

In recent years, a number of technologies have become available to help manage health care at home. The Continua Health Alliance, for example, is one organisation dedicated to standardization of the way health care products and devices communicate with one another.

myHalo is the world's most advanced personal health monitoring and alert system for seniors. The myHalo system includes two options in wearability - a belt clip (myHalo Clip) or a wearable chest strap (myHalo Complete). Both offer the clear benefit of the world's most reliable, automatic fall detection technology which is able to detect when the user has fallen versus simply lying down. However, myHalo Complete also offers the ability to track key vitals and can be worn 24/7 - even in the shower.

In addition, myHalo Complete can detect when the user is wearing or not wearing the device - and can alert caregivers to the heightened risk when it is removed. By visiting the website, caregivers are able to visualize health and activity information and detect changes in health and routine. While authorized caregivers receive a text or phone alert in the event of a serious event, they can also check in on their loved one to confirm they are safe and well.

"We are excited about this new partnership with A&D Medical as it enhances the value to our users and their caregivers/families who can view the information on line. Statistically, the average senior over age 65 is managing two chronic illnesses. Users can now track their vital signs continuously such as heart rate, temperature and sleep patterns via our own wearable device, but can also combine other traditional health monitoring devices such as the A&D equipment", stated Chris Otto, CEO of Halo Monitoring. "We selected A&D based on their years of proven commitment to quality and consumer friendly devices."

"The myHalo system offers seniors, as well as those with chronic illnesses, peace of mind in the comfort of their own home", stated Brandon Katz, Product Manager at A&D Medical. "The myHalo system offers an intuitive, easy-to-use interface for elderly users to capture their health information to a permanent electronic file without requiring a home computer, lowering an adoption barrier."

Users can buy the new devices from a number of distributors or directly from Halo Monitoring.

Source: Halo Monitoring

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