Zargis StethAssist and Zargis Cardioscan cleared for sale in Australia

Stamford 23 February 2010Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration, the Australian equivalent of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has cleared the Zargis StethAssist and Zargis Cardioscan devices, developed by Zargis Medical Corporation, a majority-owned subsidiary of Speedus Corporation, for sale in Australia.


StethAssist allows health care professionals to record and visualize heart, lung and other body sounds and share the findings via the Internet with colleagues. The Cardioscan heart sound analysis software is designed to help physicians analyze cardiac sounds for the identification and classification of suspected heart murmurs, which can be signs of heart disease. ¬?Both devices connect wirelessly to a Bluetooth-enabled digital stethoscope for the recording and playback of sounds.

Australia's population of more than 21 million people is served by approximately 48.000 physicians, making the nation an important market for Zargis. In addition, the country's vast physical size, and the fact that 34 percent of Australia's population resides in rural and remote regions, makes the telemedicine capabilities of StethAssist and Cardioscan a strong fit for the Australian health care system. The introduction of these devices into Australia will provide benefits during face-to-face patient encounters and allow health care providers to extend the use of auscultation - listening with a stethoscope - through the Internet to situations and environments where face-to-face encounters are not practical.

This clearance allows Zargis to immediately begin marketing StethAssist, Cardioscan and the compatible stethoscope in all Australian states and territories.

Zargis is a global medical device company focused on improving health outcomes and cost-effectiveness through diagnostic support software and innovation.¬?Zargis is majority-owned by Speedus Corporation, and both 3M Company and Siemens Corporate Research, a division of Siemens AG, hold equity positions.

Zargis Medical was a co-recipient of Popular Science magazine's 2009 "Innovation of the Year" award for Zargis Cardioscan. A Popular Science video regarding Cardioscan may be viewed at the Popular Science magazine's website.

Source: Zagaris Medical

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