Agnity Healthcare unveils APTUS MobileCare for health care professionals seeking freedom of mobility and anytime access to clinical information at the point of care

Silicon Valley 24 February 2010Agnity Healthcare, a provider of products, applications and services that harness the power of mobility and the Internet to improve access and the quality of health care, has launched APTUS MobileCare, a mobile health care application for health care professionals that eliminates the need to carry multiple devices by integrating traditionally reliable and proven paging technology with advanced mobile networks for mobile communications along with access to clinical information such as medical charts, e-prescriptions, referrals and drug compliance data - all on a single Smartphone. APTUS MobileCare is aimed at improving productivity, efficiency and access to quality health care.


"Mobile health care promises to deliver greater efficiency among doctors, nurses and hospital administrators. Mobile health applications in the hospital and care provider systems will be a critical success factor in the move to reform health care and provide greater access to care at lower cost", stated Shashi Tripathi, vice president of product development at Agnity Healthcare.

By consolidating clinical information onto one mobile device, APTUS MobileCare offers health care personnel the freedom of mobility to deliver health care on demand. The solution is an ideal extension of a hospital or doctor's office, allowing physicians and nurses to serve patients in the hospital network or anywhere that point-of-care service is required.

APTUS MobileCare also delivers medicine compliance solutions to hospitals and patients. Two-thirds of Americans fail to take any or all of their prescribed medications. APTUS MobileCare delivers alarms and reminders to patients and their prescribing doctor, providing accurate compliance reports.

According to a 2009 study by Manhattan Research, 64 percent of doctors in the United States carry a smartphone or PDA, an increase of 28 percent since 2005. The percentage of smartphone adoption among doctors is expected to grow as mobile browsing capabilities improve, allowing doctors to complete more complex tasks remotely. Patients also are benefiting from the digital health trend. In the same report, 39 percent of doctors interact with their patients on-line, providing new points of care.

The APTUS family of health care applications was designed to address the concerns for interoperability and deliver health care information to health care professionals reliably, securely with a simple and predictable set of interfaces. With APTUS MobileCare, there is no need to replace existing IT infrastructure. The solution is built on common standards for wireless data.

"Health care reform is not confined to public policy in Washington. Real reform is taking place in the hospitals and health care centres across the nation where physicians, nurses and administrators are embracing mobile solutions to improve efficiency at the point of care. The future of health care is mobile, efficient and personal", stated Ken Epps, president of Agnity Healthcare.

Agnity Healthcare solutions deliver the freedom of health care on demand by connecting patients, doctors, payers and hospitals anytime, anywhere. By helping health care companies and organisations scale to reduce costs, expand capacity and improve productivity of health care delivery, Agnity Healthcare ultimately helps improve patient care and the patient-provider relationship.

Agnity Inc., a provider of applications, solutions and services to mobile and fixed line service providers and enterprises, has launched Agnity Healthcare as a new division focused on applications and services that harness the power of mobility and the Internet to improve access to and enhance the quality of health care. Eighty percent of Americans in a recent Harris Poll (November 2009) expressed interest in mobile health care services delivered from smart phones, wearable bio-sensors and disease monitoring devices. And according to DataMonitor, spending on tele-health hardware, software and other related services will nearly triple from the current $2,4 billion to $6,1 billion in 2012.

As the United States and other nations struggle to control rising health care costs, mobile health care promises to deliver greater efficiency in collaboration and information sharing among doctors, nurses and hospital administrators. Stated Ken Epps, President of Agnity Healthcare: "Agnity has helped Tier-1 telecommunication providers develop, deploy and manage both voice and data and multimedia services, as well as sophisticated and complex converged communications services. That same knowledge and experience will enable Agnity Healthcare to deliver reliable and scalable solutions to doctors, hospitals, patients and insurance companies as they seek to deploy communications and mobile health care solutions."

Agnity Healthcare also named health care industry veteran Shashi Tripathi to the position of vice president of product management. Shashi Tripathi has broad health care experience in developing and launching product solutions in EMR, RIS/PACS, ERP, revenue cycle management (RCM), practice management system (PMS), Health BI, portals (physician & patient) and HL7/DICOM.

Prior to joining Agnity Healthcare, Shashi Tripathi was executive vice president with icuro, where he was responsible for product management, client relationship and sales & marketing for the health care products and services. He founded iMenuTech and served as president and chief executive officer. He has also worked in various management capacities with companies such as St. Jude Medical, Medtronic, IDEXX Laboratories, Pfizer, Answerthink Consulting and i2 Technologies and has consulted with health care providers such as Kaiser Permanente, Geisinger, Sentara and Alaska Heart. Shashi Tripathi is a graduate in mechanical engineering and holds a Master's Degree in industrial engineering & operations research from IIT Bombay, India. Shashi Tripathi is an active member of HIMSS.

Agnity Healthcare will launch its APTUS product solutions for health care in the coming months. The Agnity APTUS product solutions will include mobile health care applications for physicians, nurses, payers as well as patients. The APTUS product applications will be designed to work together in a connected care framework or as standalone solutions. The applications will focus on increasing productivity, improving patient interaction, satisfaction and advancing reach by extending the point-of-care to the patient - where they reside or currently may be. As hospitals move to adopt standards around electronic medical records (EMR), the APTUS suite will help health organisations utilize these records securely across networks and devices.

Stated Ken Epps: "Agnity Healthcare is very fortunate to have someone as highly experienced in this industry as Shashi to lead the vision and product direction for this division. We are very committed to the growth and development of Agnity Healthcare and with Shashi's extensive expertise in health care leading the way; we have the foundation for success."

"There is no doubt that our nation's health care system is struggling, however technology can solve much of these issues. The promise of Agnity Healthcare is to deliver solutions that improve access to and enhance the quality of care, making mobile health care more personal again. This is a vision that I also dearly share and look forward to working with the Agnity Healthcare team to bring these solutions to the health care market", added Shashi Tripathi.

Source: Agnity Healthcare

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