Explorys launches its first data centre: facility to serve as hub for expansion of the company's national health care population intelligence network

Cleveland 17 February 2010Explorys has completed the first stage of its enterprise scale data centre in Northeast Ohio. The company recently signed a multiyear agreement with Expedient to leverage their national network of high capacity, secure, and SAS70 compliant data centres for the Explorys network. The data centre will serve as the base for future expansion of the Explorys DataGrid platform. Built upon next-generation massively parallel Grid computing, the Explorys DataGrid platform will provide the engine for the company's health care population intelligence and search engine.


Utilizing a uniquely scalable Grid technology, Explorys enables the instantaneous search and collaboration across some of the largest patient populations in the world to identify opportunities for drug development, innovation, improved treatments and more cost effective health care - all within a secure, privacy protected, and HIPAA compliant setting. The system is scheduled for launch in mid 2010, with Cleveland Clinic as an anchor contributor.

"This important step in building our computing capabilities not only positions Explorys as the leader in health care population intelligence, it also represents our commitment to the Northeast Ohio region and the jobs it will create", stated Charlie Lougheed, Explorys President and Chief Technology Officer. "We're positioning the company to meet the oncoming demands for growth in data, capacity, and reliability within our partner network of health care providers."

"We are excited to be working with Explorys as they work to improve the health care system through the use of technology. Explorys has the potential for explosive growth as health care organisations recognize the benefits that their services can deliver. Expedient is proud to provide the data centre services that support their expansion projects", stated Bryan Smith, Expedient Vice President of Sales.

Explorys addresses the national strategic imperative to leverage electronic health records (EHR) for the improvement of medicine. The company accelerates discovery and enables collaboration between stakeholders in health care by providing a platform that serves providers, life sciences, and government - all within a HIPAA compliant, privacy protected environment.

Expedient is part of a network of nationwide data centres, and offers a wide range of managed services such as virtualization, remote back-ups, management of equipment, storage area networks and more. These proven managed services combined with reliable and redundant SAS70 compliant data centres enables Expedient to deliver premier colocation, network and managed services to enterprise, commercial, education and government entities.

Source: Explorys

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