Medicity awarded U.S. patent for its revolutionary agent Grid technology

Salt Lake City 04 February 2010Medicity, a provider of health information exchange (HIE) solutions that empower physicians, hospitals and communities to improve care co-ordination, collaboration and achieve meaningful use of health information technology, has been awarded by the United States Patent and Trademark Office the company Patent No. 7,653,634 for its agent Grid technology for health information exchange. This patented technology, which is at the core of Medicity's Novo Grid, has become the industry standard for seamless electronic health record (EHR) integration and community-wide health information exchange.


The patent defines an innovative approach to achieving the secure exchange of health information between disparate computing systems across acute care and ambulatory care locations, which is essential to achieving meaningful use. It offers a secure, scalable and rapidly deployable solution that enables information exchange among health care providers - ultimately creating a health care social network among participating providers as they exchange information to improve patient care and operating efficiency.

The patented technology in Medicity's Novo Grid leverages agents - intelligent software programmes installed in physician offices, hospitals, and other allied health care organisations - that communicate over the Internet and eliminate the need to establish and support point-to-point interfaces. Performing work flow and integration tasks, these agents seamlessly enable health information exchange that adapts to the technology level of each practice - distributing data electronically to EHRs and making information available via the web for paper-based practices.

The Grid is a key technology for improving patient care quality and delivery, providing health care organisations with "last mile connectivity" into physician practices, connecting all systems across a community and making patient health information securely available.

"This patent is a reflection of the advancements we have made in improving the exchange of health information", explained James K. Lassetter, M.D., Chairman and CEO of Medicity. "The Novo Grid is rapidly deployable and is changing the way health care is delivered by a wide range of health care organisations - from health systems that are fully automated across the enterprise to practices using paper-based systems."

The patent was awarded on the heels of a banner 2009 for the company that recently reported strong revenues and anticipates the momentum to keep pace in 2010 as health care organisations engage in HIE to achieve meaningful use.

"The innovation doesn't stop here", continued James K. Lassetter. "Our next-generation platform, called iNexx, is designed to take the Novo Grid technology to the next level - to inspire advancements in application development that will enable physicians to download modular applications and create a customized software suite to help them achieve meaningful use and gain work flow efficiencies where they need them."

Medicity will demonstrate the Novo Grid and its next-generation iNexx technology at HIMSS10, March 1-4, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia. Medicity, the industry standard for health information exchange (HIE), is an innovator and major provider of HIE technology - with more than 700 hospitals and 250.000 physicians in its connected ecosystem. Medicity's solutions empower hospitals, physicians and HIEs with secure access to and exchange of health information - improving the quality and efficiency of patient care locally, regionally and nationally.

Source: Medicity

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