Cycle Computing launches CycleCloud for Life Sciences product family at XGen Sequencing

San Diego 16 March 2010Cycle Computing, providing proven, secure and flexible high performance computing (HPC) and open source solutions in the Cloud, has launched its new CycleCloud for Life Sciences cluster of services during a presentation at XGen Congress in San Diego. The next generation of genome sequencing gives scientists access to large amounts of genome data while significantly improving research productivity and reducing cost.


The CycleCloud product family of specialized clusters for scientists is currently the only supported cluster application in Amazon EC2. CycleCloud for Life Sciences supplies researchers with clusters they can use with minimum effort required for installation. Domain scientists have access to a full range of pre-installed domain appropriate tools. Pipelines for standard applications like Gromacs, Bowtie, Velvet, OMSSA, Tandem, HMMER, and BLAST, an algorithm for comparing primary biological sequence information such as the amino-acid sequences of different proteins or the nucleotides of DNA sequences, are amongst the two dozen new applications added.

CycleCloud for Life Sciences consists of three specialized application sets for scientists in particular life science fields: Bioinformatics, Proteomics and Computational Chemistry. Through the site, users can deploy a cluster with the pre-installed applications in a matter of minutes. Secure Shell (SSH) and RESTful web interfaces are utilized to access a head node for the cluster while jobs are submitted and managed using a scheduling system to prioritize work flows, manage job dependencies, minimize excess computation, and grow/shrink clusters to the calculations at hand.

"Successfully deploying applications to use the Cloud efficiently involves a number of technical challenges, and we want to automate the solutions so researchers can be more productive", stated Jason Stowe, CEO and founder of Cycle Computing. "The goal is to make the applications scale and the clusters secure. Built specifically around the end-user, CycleCloud makes this easy by deploying a cluster with default work flows that work optimally and securely in the Cloud but are still customizable by researchers."

Jason Stowe has presented the new product family during a session entitled "CycleCloud: Boosting Productivity with HPC as a Service on the Cloud" at the XGen Congress. The presentation focused on:

  • Bandwidth and data considerations for using the Cloud
  • Productivity, ease of use and security requirements
  • Example walkthroughs of pre-engineered pipelines for genome analysis and searching use cases

Cycle Computing delivers proven, secure and flexible high performance computing (HPC) and data solutions. With its unparalleled expertise in compute-intensive environments, Cycle helps clients maximize existing infrastructure and increase compute power by provisioning large-scale, secure HPC clusters on desktops, servers, and demand in the Cloud. Unlike other vendors, Cycle leverages open source technologies to deliver more innovative and flexible Grid functionality and to quickly execute complex calculations without the need for IT staff, data centre space or upfront equipment costs. Cycle clients experience faster time-to-market, decreased operating costs and unprecedented service and support. The company has deployed proven implementations at Fortune 500s, SMBs and government and academic institutions across a variety of industries for companies such as JP Morgan Chase, Eli Lilly, Lockheed Martin and Hartford Life.

Source: Cycle Computing

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