CETEMMSA to provide products for improved care of dependent individuals

Barcelona 16 March 2010CETEMMSA offers enterprises in the social health care industry innovations to launch new items and enhance their market shares while improving the quality of life of dependent individuals. The technological centre CETEMMSA has identified the needs of individuals with some degree of dependency or disability and developed new prototypes for improvement of their quality of life within the framework of the SmartHomeCare project, financed by the Ministry of Trade and Industry.


Notable among those prototypes are a mattress for people who must spend long periods sitting or lying down, a device that provides information to users with Alzheimer's disease, and a transmitter that makes use of contact to allow people with sensory disabilities to move around in the city safely.

One of the problems faced by dependent individuals is that they must spend long periods in bed or sitting in the same position, causing the appearance of sores. The mattress developed by CETEMMSA uses a display to show the weight distribution of a sitting or lying person, by means of flexible textile sensors. This allows the caregiver to change the person's position and prevent sores. This approach can also be used to improve orthopaedic devices through detection of the friction points in the device.

Image: Courtesy of CETEMMSA.

People suffering from Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia require constant care and attention that is very costly for both the social health care system and for the families affected. The solution developed by CETEMMSA allows improvement of the quality of life of such individuals and makes it possible for them to live at home longer. It is a smart control unit for home use. The device provides information to the patient and tells them what to do at all times. In addition, a computer programme can be activated that allows the user to contact health care and assistance services automatically if required.

Blind or autistic individuals have a level of dependency that often prevents them from moving around a city unaccompanied. The system developed by CETEMMSA consists of a device that is worn like a belt and allows the wearer to make regular trips - to home, to work, to school, to shops, etc. - with total safety. The users select how they wish to receive the information - voice, text, symbols, touch, Braille, Morse code, etc. - and the device then advises them of the route that they need to take, indicating landmarks along the way and warning of hazards, obstacles, blocked streets, shops or public transport, along with other information.

Photo: Courtesy of CETEMMSA.

CETTEMMSA is a centre that provides R&D services to different industries. It has been operating for over 18 years and is a technology centre for Smart Materials and Smart Objects. It is a government certified and approved enterprise and forms part of the Catalan Autonomous Government's TECNIO network, and its aim is to improve the competitive edge of enterprises by assisting them through innovation of both products and processes.


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