EHSI engages development partner and details capabilities for cutting edge medical iPhone app

Houston 07 April 2010Emerging Healthcare Solutions Inc. has engaged VITEB as their iPhone development partner for their new breakthrough MedAnywhere iPhone application. MedAnywhere is being designed to dramatically increase patient access to health care and the company expects that it will drastically cut medical costs for customers. The application is being configured to connect patients to doctors for diagnostic consultation and treatment from anywhere in the world at a fraction of the cost of a medical visit.


The MedAnywhere product is being developed internally and is owned by a wholly-owned subsidiary of EHSI. EHSI took the lead in the new mobile telemedicine industry through their prior licensing and development of an extraordinary ambulance trauma communications platform. This system was originally the brainchild of Dr. Red Duke and was funded through a $20 million US Department of Defense grant to the University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Houston. UT then engaged Texas A&M to fully develop the system.

There are several system tiers and upgrades to the MedAnywhere software and External Accessories that are being incorporated into the application to give it a wide array of functionality, which should result in the broadest possible customer appeal.

The base MedAnywhere platform is the stand-alone iPhone itself, with the MedAnywhere app downloaded. This base system supports sharing of all personal medical history data for the customer as well as a direct comprehensive interface with their dedicated doctor. The base system also allows for direct Pharmacist direction. The iPhone's existing camera is optionally used for physician viewing as part of the base application function.

Apple allows external accessories to interface to the iPhone through a new framework called External Accessories. Hardware devices integrate with the iPhone via the dock connector or wirelessly over Bluetooth. This connectivity supports many of the standard protocols implemented on the iPhone in addition to proprietary protocols developed and implemented by third party accessory developers. This has allowed for the development of patient monitoring and treatment devices to provide data such as blood pressure, temperature, heart rate and other streaming information for remote physician care.

Consumers spent $2,4 billion last year purchasing iPhone apps - a number that is expected to triple in the next three years. With 34 million iPhone users currently connected to the system, the company believes the MedAnywhere application could revolutionize the way patients interact with doctors and hospitals across America and around the world - including drastically lowering medical costs for the app subscriber.

iPhone is a portable data device produced by Apple Inc. It allows users to download and operate "applications" that empower the portable device to deliver a wide variety of additional services. The iPhone competes with Google Inc.'s Android system and with Research-in-Motion's Blackberry phones. The emerging medical technology sector also includes Medtronic Inc.

Emerging Healthcare Solutions Inc. is a medical technology company that works to bring new and innovative medical technologies to the market. The company's model is to engage a technology prior to its inflection point in order to maximize the profits available to EHSI as that new technology is adopted.

Source: Emerging Healthcare Solutions

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