Marvell drives telehealth revolution with Moby MED - always-on medical tablet

Santa Clara 21 April 2010Marvell, a worldwide expert in integrated silicon solutions, has launched a bold new health care initiative to drive high performance mobile tablets based on its leading silicon solutions. Marvell's Moby MED initiative promises to give consumers much greater command over their own health care and pro-active wellness information and decisions. The Moby MED tablet platform is an always-on, high performance multimedia reference design featuring live, real-time content, 1080p full-HD, 3D capabilities, and full Flash Internet. Marvell's Moby MED tablet platform is designed to allow physicians to consult with patients remotely in real-time, allow consumers to manage their own health histories in a highly-secure, encrypted environment, make it possible to send and read high-resolution diagnostic imagery, and give consumers access to on-line medical information in a light-weight, long-running device.


"Passage of the National Healthcare Reform bill was only the beginning. We as individuals now must take much more responsibility for our health care and wellness decisions - including connecting with personal physicians and pro-actively managing our private health histories. I believe the Marvell Moby MED tablet platform will empower patients to take pro-active control of their health care, and will enable doctors to save more lives", stated Weili Dai, Marvell's Co-founder and Vice President and General Manager of Marvell Semiconductor's Consumer and Computing Business Unit.

"I believe the Moby MED solution could ignite a telehealth revolution in America. The Moby MED tablet platform features a built-in camera for live video conferencing and multiple simultaneous viewing screens allowing patients - no matter where they are in the world - to have real-time consultation with a physician while examining an x-ray image, referencing an on-line medical encyclopedia and order a prescription from a nearby pharmacy. The Moby MED tablet platform provides everything needed in a mobile medical tablet - from keeping track of blood pressure rates, glucose levels and other vital data to serving as a virtual medical station in remote parts of the world. With the Moby MED, doctors could once again make house calls - without leaving the office - and provide a much higher, more personalized quality of care", stated Weili Dai.

Marvell's Moby MED tablet platform will also help deliver on a United States "telehealth" strategy as recently defined in the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)'s national broadband plan. The FCC's national broadband strategy contains a 25-page chapter on telehealth, and calls upon the Department of Health and Human Services to make "e-care" projects a top priority. As part of the plan, clinics, hospitals and doctors' offices will be encouraged to put health records into a secure database that can be remotely accessed by patients and their authorized care givers. In addition to saving lives, video consultation and other telehealth techniques can save money by giving facilities remote access to world-class specialists.

National adoption of electronic health records systems accessible from devices powered by the Moby MED tablet platform can save more lives by alerting physicians and patients of dangerous drug allergies and drug interactions when prescriptions are written. According to one study cited by the FCC report, these alerts alone could result in a net savings of as much as $371 billion for hospitals and $142 billion for physicians over the next 15 years.

Launch of the Moby MED tablet platform comes just weeks after Marvell introduced its breakthrough reference design for a $99 Moby tablet, aimed at powering affordable mobile tablets for the world's two billion students. The high performance, low cost reference design concept has rapidly captured worldwide interest from publishers, educators and governments looking to replace today's outdated and expensive printed textbooks.

Specifically designed for health care, the Marvell Moby MED tablet platform drives development of high-performance low-power medical tablets with a built-in camera for live video conferencing and multiple simultaneous liquid crystal display (LCD) or electronic paper display (EPD) viewing screens for convenient viewing of information.

Powered by a high-performance, highly scalable, and low-power Marvell ARMADA 600 series of application processors, the Moby MED tablet platform features gigahertz processor speed, 1080p full-HD encode and decode, intelligent power management, power-efficient Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/FM/GPS connectivity, 3D graphics capability and support for multiple software standards including full Adobe Flash, Android and Windows Mobile.

Optional platform features include Marvell's storage and wireless solutions such as embedded MMC, which is a handheld device optimized SSD-type technology, and Marvell Mobile Hotspot which allows Wi-Fi access that supports up to eight concurrent users connected to the Internet via a cellular broadband connection.

Marvell is a world expert in the development of storage, communications, and consumer silicon solutions. The company's diverse product portfolio includes switching, transceiver, communications controller, wireless, and storage solutions that power the entire communications infrastructure including enterprise, metro, home, and storage networking.

Source: Marvell Technology Group Ltd.

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