Logica to work with Region of Southern Denmark to improve and maintain patient care

Aalborg 04 May 2010The Region of Southern Denmark has awarded Logica, a business and service technology company, an IT contract to deliver a new patient administration system. The system will be utilised by all 17 hospitals of the region and will help to improve and maintain patient care. The system is a highly secure information sharing platform, allowing hospitals to electronically share, access and search for critical patient information irrespective of where in the region the patient is located. The system enables the Region of Southern Denmark to provide the best patient care for all of its citizens, meeting a key objective in its transformation strategy.


With a current status review of patient treatment across all hospital units, the system assists hospitals to improve their operational effectiveness by preventing duplication and ensuring information is uniformally presented. It will also help achieve a quicker referral of patients between health care providers themselves. The new system also supports extensive patient records protected by high levels of security.

The solution used, COSMIC, is a standard health care information system based on open standards and a modern SOA architecture that fits into the region's existing IT infrastructure. Together with the COSMIC electronic patient record system, the solution will cover a coherent suite of health care functionality focusing on both the clinical care support and the patient administration, which allows a great freedom in organising the work flow.

The solution also forms a flexible platform to meet the requests and demands in the future, both nationally and regionally. For example, in connection with reorganisation for new central services, increased demand for a less bureaucratic health care system - including more and more demands on automised work flows - and increased demand for indicator collection for quality improvements. Furthermore, the solution allows on-line validation and reporting to the National Patient Register, which improves the ability to obtain records in a single work flow.

Martin Petersen, Divisional Director, Logica, commented on the delivery of the new patient administration system of the region: "Through the patient administration system, the electronic patient record and planning system will create a clinical workplace to provide ease of access to relevant information about the patient. The patient administration system is the basis for the further development of a reliable infrastructure around clinical IT solutions implemented in the Region of Southern Denmark."

Martin Petersen continued: "At Logica, we have a strong heritage in health care and this agreement shows that the market recognises our expertise in the field of IT-solutions for this industry. The deployment of solutions tailored to the health care industry is of considerable importance to Logica, and our partnership with the Region of Southern Denmark enables us to provide innovation with regards to health care in the region. Our partnership will ensure flexible and efficient co-operation between the various trade groups and public authorities enabling both hospital and patient to be fully supported. We look forward to delivering the new administration system to all hospitals in the Region of Southern Denmark."

Source: Logica

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