VLife and CRL join hands to combine the power of accurate and smart docking technology with high performance Cloud computing

Pune 17 June 2010VLife Sciences Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a provider of technologies for computer-aided drug and molecular discovery based in Pune, India and Computational Research Laboratories Limited (CRL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Sons and developer of the world's fastest commercial supercomputing facility "eka", based in Pune, India have reached an understanding to offer VLife's GRIP docking technology on CRL's high performance computing platform.


This new offering is expected to significantly reduce the time required to conduct protein-ligand docking studies. Structure based drug design approach has traditionally been affected by limitations due to either slow or inaccurate docking activity. Researchers rarely could access a solution that was fast while being accurate. With the combination of VLife's innovative GRIP technology and the computational power of CRL's supercomputer 7quot;eka", researchers can now easily access a one stop solution to improve productivity from their structure based design efforts. With this joint offering, VLife and CRL have reinforced their commitment to address the scientific and technological challenges in the computational discovery domain on the basis of their core strengths.

On this occasion, Supreet Deshpande, Director, VLife Sciences Technologies Pvt. Ltd., stated: "VLife has been at the forefront of developing innovative computational technologies to reduce time and cost for drug discovery research. Our alliance with CRL to provide accurate yet rapid docking service powered by our GRIP docking technology demonstrates VLife's commitment to innovators in the area of life sciences in general and pharmaceuticals in particular."

Dr. Vipin Chaudhary, CEO, CRL, commented: "CRL makes very high-end computing available to industries in India and abroad using an on-demand HPC Cloud platform. We are delighted to tie up with VLife to bring to scientists the combined power of a high performance computational cluster and a smart and accurate docking technology. We are confident that this combination will offer a long-term competitive advantage to customers using the structure based design approach for discovery research in a variety of industries."

VLife Sciences Technologies Private Limited is a provider of research enabling software products, customized software and discovery research solutions for a variety of industry sectors. VLife offerings cover a wide range of applications in computer-aided molecular discovery, bioinformatics, biotechnology and chemo-informatics that provide advantages in terms of speed and accuracy for improved outcome from discovery research projects. VLife offers the VLifeMDS suite for a comprehensive approach to computer-aided drug design and the QSARpro suite for advanced quantitative structure activity relationships analysis leading to new molecule design.

CRL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Sons Ltd. The company is into the business of High Performance Computing (HPC) services and solutions. CRL's supercomputer, "eka" was ranked the 4th fastest in the world in November 2007, marking India's presence in the Top500 list of supercomputers, being the first non-American supercomputer to break into top 5. CRL provides HPC services and solutions to various organisations in the Automotive, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Exploration & Production, Media & Entertainment, Weather and Scientific sectors among many others.

Source: VLife Sciences Technologies

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