CMS Telehealth partners with MedApps for personalized health care management of chronic conditions

New York 15 July 2010CMS Telehealth, a provider of telehealth services and systems to promote patient self-management and remote patient monitoring to health care and related organisations, has signed a reseller partnership with MedApps Inc. for its FDA-cleared MedApps Mobile Health Monitoring System, featuring HealthPAL.


The agreement appoints CMS Telehealth as the official MedApps authorized reseller in New York and New Jersey. Kent Dicks, MedApps CEO and Founder, stated: "CMS Telehealth is a partner which will rapidly advance sales and business development activities in the number 1 market in the United States, as well as a resource in providing technical and customer support for the future. We are pleased to be partnered with them and look forward to developing this region together."

MedApps' wireless remote patient monitoring system transmits, stores and reports timely, accurate health information anywhere. The HealthPAL device makes biometric readings collected from retail medical monitors - e.g. glucose meters, blood pressure monitors - available for remote monitoring by clinicians, family members and other caregivers. HealthPAL uses a combination of embedded cellular and Bluetooth technologies to automatically transmit readings from compatible monitors to a secure central server. Readings can be tracked by individuals through an electronic health record (EHR) or personal health records (PHR) services such as Microsoft HealthVault or Google Health. Healthcare providers can review patient data via enterprise level EHRs or by accessing HealthCOM, MedApps' web-based patient management portal for care professionals.

CMS Telehealth combines proven telehealth systems which enable clinicians to regularly and conveniently follow up with patients at their homes. Staff can easily collect key wellness and vital signs information from post-discharge patients regularly and conveniently via the telephone, the internet or remote telehealth monitoring, reinforcing patient education and assisting patients in improving personal management of their chronic conditions. All systems are designed for ease of implementation by health care providers such as hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, home care agencies and physician practices.

Typically, patients with conditions such as congestive heart failure (CHF), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetes, hypertension and other cardiac conditions must be monitored consistently to improve outcomes. Increasingly, insurers, health management companies and other payers such as self-insured companies are also looking to the benefits of telehealth to improve plan management, efficiency and long-term outcomes for their populations.

"CMS Telehealth is excited to partner with MedApps to bring their innovative health monitoring solution to healthcare providers", stated Joseph Rabinowitz, President and Co-founder, CMS Telehealth. "By providing higher frequency monitoring of health biometrics, such as blood glucose, blood pressure, pulse-oximetry and weight, health care providers gain the power to make better health management decisions more pro-actively, improving quality of care and reducing the potential for critical health events. And individuals gain more insight and control over their health."

MedApps is an acknowledged innovator in the field of mHealth (mobile health) and has been at the forefront of developing wireless remote patient monitoring solutions, using cellular technology to effectively connect patients with their families and professional care providers. MedApps' comprehensive mHealth solutions have been demonstrated to help reduce health care costs by improving patient compliance. MedApps has received two FDA clearances, is now cleared by Health Canada and has also received its ISO 13485:2003, ISO 9001:2008, and CE Mark issued by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). The company is a member of the Continua Health Alliance, a non-profit coalition of over 200 companies dedicated to establishing a system of interoperable personal health solutions to improve the quality of personal health care. More company news is available in the VMW June 2009 article MedApps HealthPAL connects to Microsoft HealthVault to improve patient compliance and lower health care costs.

New York-based CMS Telehealth was founded to meet the needs of health care organisations, patients and families, providers and insurers in today's health environment. The services and technology connect care providers and patients for better post-discharge and chronic condition management. CMS Telehealth follow-up and monitoring systems encourage patient self-management, education and care plan adherence. The company meets care providers' goals in improving outcomes, avoiding unnecessary readmissions and maintaining patient independence.

Source: CMS Telehealth

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