Transinsight launches new version of its Enterprise Semantic Intelligence Knowledge Suite at the 2010 I-SEMANTICS

Dresden 27 August 2010One of the biggest challenges companies face in their efforts to remain competitive is being able to manage the ever-increasing amount of unstructured data. "Information at your fingertips", was the promise that giant Microsoft made years ago. However, this promise went unfulfilled - not just by Microsoft, but also by other software providers that made similar claims. Today, searching for information remains an arduous task for most companies because of their lack of intelligent search technologies. Transinsight's Enterprise Semantic Intelligence Knowledge Suite fills the gap, offering semantic technologies that take the search process to new levels of efficiency. The 2010 version pushes the limits of semantic excellence even further.


This latest version of Enterprise Semantic Intelligence Knowledge Suite contains about 100 custom relevant improvements. The system can now deal with more than 100 million documents and vast background knowledge bases for several million concepts. An improved semi-automated knowledgebase generation is now available to customers that do not have their own ontologies or taxonomies available as background knowledge. Novel algorithms allow untrained users to develop ontologies in practically no time. Users are supported in the generation of terms, definitions, abbreviations, synonyms and relationships to other terms. The algorithms are thoroughly validated against manually developed ontologies and achieve an agreement of 82 percent (fully automated).

With more than 400 participants every year I-SEMANTICS is one of the largest conferences in Europe in the field of semantic systems and the Semantic Web. It is held concurrently with the I-KNOW Conference on Knowledge Management and Knowledge Technologies. The combination represents a unique approach bridging the gap between highly affiliated communities and complementary research fields. I-Semantics offers a unique forum for enterprise architects, information professionals and all practitioners: A comprehensive look at real-world applications in the field of semantic technologies is presented by experienced speakers. Linked Data, Semantic Search, Enterprise Knowledge Management, Thesaurus Management, Personal Knowledge Management or Collaborative Working Environments are topics covered in the presentations and demonstrations.

Transinsight develops knowledge-based semantic solutions for the Life Sciences, including its renowned biomedical search engines and The company has been recognized for its technological developments and honoured with several international awards. Transinsight works in close collaboration with the Dresden University of Technology. Clients include companies such as Unilever, BASF, RWE, Roche, Statoil and EMBL. More company news can be found in the VMW June 2010 article Transinsight and antibodies-online develop software for semantic gene and protein identification.

Source: Transinsight

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