Second call IST closes in January

Brussels 01 October 1999The second call for IST proposals under the Fifth Framework programme has been issued by the European Commission on October 1st 1999. Closing date for Research and Development proposals is January 17th 2000. However, the current places emphasis on proposals for take-up measures, for which a number of specific topics are mentioned. A structure of take-up support nodes, similar to the HPCN Technology Transfer nodes in the previous programme, will be put in place. The budget available for this call is 400 million euro.


There are only a few action-lines in this call for R & D proposals. Some that could be of interest to our readers are listed here, please refer to the Cordis web site for the full list.

In action line "III.5.1 Multi-sensory forms of contents" the Commission looks for Project results enabling user perception and interaction, and to develop and evaluate architectures, models and tools. The work should focus on enhancements to 3-D, virtual objects, hybrid (real-world and synthetic) objects, object-based content, intuitive interface development, and immersive animated content.

Coding and indexing standards are asked under "II.5.2 Media representation and access: new models and standards".

In underlying technologies, the Commission asks for "IV.2.1 Concurrent systems" where distributed co-operative applications must be run seamlessly and for "IV.2.4 Technologies for network management and service-level interworking".

Managing very large data sets (beyond the terabyte volume scale) and repositories is the topic of "IV.3.3 Information management methods".

A general applicable technology is asked in "IV.6.1 Adaptable multi-sensory interfaces".

For more information, check out the Cordis second call page.

Ad Emmen

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