Paper call for special issue on Medical and Health Simulation in "Simulation and Gaming" Journal

Singapore 12 November 1999, an interdisciplinary journal of theory, practice and research is planning to publish a special symposium issue on the topic of medical and health simulation. The guest editors David Crookall, Ph.d., and Min Zhou, MD, both from the National University of Singapore, herewith wish to invite all interested researchers and scientists to respond to this call for papers by sending in a contribution on the general theme of medical and health simulation.


Simulation and Gaming

Contributions from a variety of perspectives are invited like for example, empirical, but also experimental to ethnographic research on how simulation has helped to advance medical knowledge; in-depth analyses; discussion papers; training programmes showing how simulation can help doctors to be more effective, and how games help teachers make the public more aware of medical issues; descriptions of simulation/games; literature reviews; and resource surveys.

The general theme of medical and health simulation could include, among other, the following topics:

  • Medical simulation
  • Health care policy exercises
  • Medical education simulation/games
  • Surgery simulation
  • Nurse training
  • Virtual reality and medicine
  • Virtual medicine
  • Simulation/gaming in communication and health issues
  • Computer and computerised simulation in medicine
  • Visualization & imaging in medicine
  • Simulation in medical research
  • Hospital and health care management simulation
  • Simulation/gaming & cultural aspects of health and medicine
  • Health counselling, culture & simulation/gaming
  • Diagnostic simulation
  • Anaesthetic simulation
  • Epidemic & disease propagation simulation
  • Interactive patients
  • Simulation design and parameters
  • Debriefing experiences

Tentative timetable:

  • February 2000: submissions of first drafts
  • April 2000: comments back to authors
  • June 2000: final manuscripts sent in
  • Publication date: December 2000
The above timetable may be modified according to developments. If authors work fast, then we can bring the publication date forward.

If you wish to contribute, please send a one- to two-page outline with the following elements:

  1. Your name, address, phones, faxes, e-mail addresses, etc.
  2. A working title. An abstract or rationale. A set of objectives for the proposed paper. A working plan.
  3. Possibly, one or two off-prints of previous papers that might help.
Min Zhou & David Crookall, NUS-ELL,
10 Kent Ridge Crescent,
Singapore 119260

Once selections have been made, authors will be invited to submit a full paper.

Before submitting an outline, you should look at some recent copies of Simulation & Gaming. Simulation & Gaming is the leading international forum for the study and discussion of simulation and gaming methodology used in education, training, consultation and research for thirty years. The quarterly journal examines the methodologies and explores their application to real-world problems and situations. For more information on the journal or on obtaining past copies, please visit

David Crookall

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