Enthusiastic participants and high-quality papers more than welcome at ISTEP 2000

Kosice 02 November 1999The International Symposium on Telemedicine and Teleeducation in Practice, ISTEP 2000, will be held in Kosice, Slovak Republic, from March 22 to 24, 2000. The event, organised by Elfa s.r.o. company, Slovak Telecom Bratislava, and the Slovak Republic ATM Association, in close co-operation with the academic institutions home and abroad, is devoted to the support, promotion, and development of up-to-date telecommunication technology and data services in practice. Interested experts in the areas of telemedicine and telelearning are invited to submit their paper abstracts in the shortest possible time.


The ISTEP 2000 symposium is held under the sponsorship of Mr. Martin Fronc, the state secretary of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic, and Mr. Milos Somora, who is Rector of the Technical University of Kosice. Among the scientific programme guarantors, the following academic departments are listed: the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics at the Technical University of Kosice; the Second School of Medicine and the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, both situated at the Charles University in Prague; and the Faculty of Medicine hosted at the University of Pavol Jozef Safarik in Kosice.

ISTEP 2000 intends to provide a forum for the presentation and the sharing of knowledge in both the implementation and operation of telemedical and teleeducational services, and all related applied solutions. The symposium will equally introduce new applications of virtual infrastructures, computer graphics, and visualisation in education, as well as tendencies and trends in the development of telemedical and telelearning systems. In this regard, the ISTEP 2000 event aims to support dissemination of experiences pursuant to telemedical and teleeducational activities; to get an extensive base of future customers and users; and to sustain various forms of links among users and service providers.

The symposium will consist of a plenary session and a number of technical sessions. In the plenary session, representatives of the following institutions will give lectures:

  • Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications of the Slovak Republic,
  • Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic,
  • Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic,
  • Guarantors of the Symposium,
in order to present the most important telemedical and teleeducational solutions, their owners, operators and users.
The following topics are suggested:
  • Pilot projects of telemedical and teleeducational solutions
  • Models of virtual infrastructures: virtual university and virtual hospital
  • Engineering of telelearning systems
  • Hardware and software for telemedical and teleeducational applications

In turn, the technical sessions will provide information for a wide spectrum of experts from academic and health care workplaces. They will be given the opportunity to present their experience and suggestions in the field of telemedicine and teleeducation. The following range of topics are proposed:

  • Telecommunication in diagnostics, therapy and prevention
  • Telelearning systems, such as the virtual university and virtual hospital, standardisation of telemedical and teleeducational applications
  • Multimedia in telemedicine and teleeducation based on ISDN and BISDN
  • Hardware, software and methodologies for videoconferencing solutions
  • Telelearning services for public based on Internet, cable TV and XDSL technologies

In addition, the ISTEP symposium will promote technologies for supporting telemedical and teleeducational applications in an exhibition. Producers and institutions will be offered the chance to present new products, components, applications, measurement equipment, etc. The exhibition will be held on the same premises as the symposium. A special advertisement session will be devoted to introducing the new products and services.

During the event, several videoconferencing sessions will be provided. In co-operation with Slovak Telecom and other institutions, the organisation plans to deliver lectures from the Charles University in Prague, AGH Krakow, and FEI STU in Bratislava. These videoconferencing sessions will be based on the already established ATM infrastructure at the Technical University in Kosice which is connected to the WAN of the Slovak Telecom. The focus of this symposium will be on the practical presentations of the ISDN and B-ISDN applications and services in international context.

Deadlines for paper submission and registration have been fixed as follows:

  • Notification of acceptance, guidelines for full paper preparation and Second Call: 15 December, 1999
  • Receipt of full paper and advanced registration: 15 February, 2000
  • Last information and final programme: 5 March, 2000
Slovak, Czech and English are the official languages of the symposium. Each contribution should contain a resume in English. The proceedings will be published in time for the symposium. Each registered participant will receive the proceedings both in printed and electronic (CD) forms.

The venue of the symposium are the:

Aula Maxima and Associated Lecture Halls
Technical University of Kosice
Letna 9, 042 00 Kosice, Slovak Republic

The symposium schedule looks as follows:

1st day: presentation, welcome meeting of the organising committee with the invited persons, opening ceremony, plenary session, technical sessions, welcome party
2nd day: technical sessions, conclusions from the technical sessions
3rd day: optional programme: trip to High Tatras or Spis region

The ISTEP 2000 symposium secretariat is hosted at:

Elfa s.r.o., Letna 9, 042 00 Kosice
Slovak Republic
Ms. Darina Bodonská, Mr. Tomás Griger
Tel. and fax: +421-95-625-3839 - +421-95-625-3200 - +421-95-625-3202
E-mail: elfa@elfa.sk

All current information you will find at the ISTEP 2000 Symposium Web page.

Jakab Frantisek

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