Modcomp's ViewMax solution delivers electronic records through the clinical intranet

Heidelberg 19 September 1999Modular Computer Systems GmbH based in Cologne, is a systems integrator specializing in large-scale server applications in conjunction with high-availability solutions. The company, referred to as Modcomp, has been founded in 1970. In the first clinical information session at MedNet'99, Mr. Martin Berger presented the electronic records system which Modcomp has installed at Heatherwood & Wexham Park Hospitals NHS Trust in the United Kingdom. The ViewMax software offers physicians a simple, yet intuitive user interface with multiple screen navigation thus minimising the need to retrain the hospital staff. As far as security is concerned, Modcomp has taken what is available in the market with regard to encryption codes.


ViewMax consitutes a powerful host-to-web integration tool set, allowing to quickly provide browser based access to mainframe, midrange, and virtually all other host machines. The Heatherwood & Wexham Park Hospitals Trust, being a large National Health Service Trust, which offers a full range of elective and emergency services, the Modcomp system formed an ideal solution to improve the use made by clinical staff of the data held in existing systems. The Trust already had explored a variety of approaches to improving access to information, including electronic data interchange (EDI), and since the Trust was evaluating intranet technology as a good medium for providing access to reference information, Modcomp was asked to show how access to legacy databases could be provided across an intranet, using a web browser.

The clinical correspondence is performed through a set of Common Gateway Interface (CGI) scripts. ViewMax enables the doctor to select patient records to use as the basis of correspondence, applying simplified web style search forms, which build on the functionality of the host systems. In addition, the system is also able to manage the clinical ordering. The methodology, which could be applied to any hospital, can easily be adapted to meet the needs of different services and support interactive ordering and scheduling when it is required. Since there is no remote direct access possible to the host system, safety is guaranteed. Moreover, the various applications have been hidden or are restricted in use.

The user benefits provided by the ViewMax tool are comprehensive. The point and click interface is extremely user-friendly. There is no client software to be found on the user terminals. The software offers an increased efficiency which allows to lower the training costs for the hospital personnel. Finally, only a minimum new investment is required to have the system installed, to be able to handle patient information via a Web-integrated server, including the use of standards such as EDI, DICOM, HL7, SAP and terminal protocols. More technical details are available on the Modcomp Web site.

Leslie Versweyveld

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