Web community gives self-confidence to children struggling with bedwetting

Heidelberg 19 September 1999The MedNet'99 session, chaired by Dr. Greg Mogel, started with a supporting solution for an embarrassing problem. Dr. Robert Pretlow from eHealth International commented on the existence of a Web site for children who fight against nocturnal enuresis or bedwetting. This ailment may seem difficult and unsatisfying to treat but the Internet can play a fantastic role in facilitating paediatric care for this kind of handicap. The global enuresis Web site teaches children how to motivate and even cure themselves by creating a community atmosphere among people who are sharing the same problem.


Some 5% to 10% of the children aged between five and eighteen suffer from nocturnal enuresis in comparison with 1% to 3% of the adults. Bedwetting constitutes a serious problem for one's personal feeling of self-esteem but can be cured. The Internet offers an excellent tool for treatment because the medium is anonymous. This characteristic offers people and children in particular the courage to discuss bedwetting with other patients in support groups. The global enuresis Web site provides children with a variety of tools to evaluate their progress in a playful and relaxed manner.

Bedwetting children are invited to fill out a bulletin board. The state of the past night has to be registered daily in order to keep the information up to date. As such, the child obtains a clear overview of his individual progress or relapse. Chat groups have been set up, allowing former patients to share their positive experiences with children who are still struggling to overcome their ailment. Statistics show that the Internet in general is frequently used by children and enjoys a high popularity. Therefore, the global enuresis Web site can alleviate the isolation caused by bedwetting and facilitate treatment.

Leslie Versweyveld

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