Latest DataCaptor software version to provide support for Windows 98 and NT platforms

Paris 01 November 1999Capsule Technologie has released version 3 of DataCaptor, a medical device data acquisition software for medical information systems. DataCaptor uses ActiveX and MS Distributed Component Object Module ([D]COM) to recuperate data in real time from medical devices and integrate it seamlessly into Windows 98 and NT compatible applications.


Among many other technical improvements, the biggest addition to DataCaptor version 3 is Windows 98 support, widening the spectrum of clinical systems providers who can take advantage of DataCaptor's interfacing technology.

The growing market for Web-based clinical applications, home-care and telemedicine is largely based on a Windows 98 platform, according to Nicolas Choussat, CEO of Capsule Technologie. Expanding the support to include both Windows NT and Windows 98 enables Capsule Technologie to introduce its cost effective and powerful platform to this new and promising market segment, as he believes.

Once the software is integrated into any Windows 98 or NT software application, medical and laboratory device configuration is quick and easy, with such features as automatic detection of communication type and warning of configuration conflicts. Users can view device data in real time from any point on the network, across domains and the Internet.

All parameter data, including waveforms, are collected from such devices as patient monitors, infusion pumps and respirators and can be integrated and stored into clinical or laboratory applications. Users may download and evaluate DataCaptor free for 30 days with access to interfaces for any device in Capsule Technologie's library.

DataCaptor is designed to provide health care institutions plug-and-play connectivity to an unlimited number of devices. A uniquely software solution, DataCaptor allows clinical applications to collect device data at the patient bedside, requiring only a cable from the device to the COM port on a computer.

Capsule Technologie was created in 1997 and is actively involved in the Microsoft Healthcare Users Group to promote interoperability in health care institutions. Capsule Technologie is a specialist in device connectivity. Their product, DataCaptor, aids Clinical Information Systems, Laboratory Information Systems and medical device manufacturers to send and collect real time data in a critical care or laboratory environment.

Leslie Versweyveld

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