EC's activity in health telematics research summarised in European Telemedicine Glossary

Brussels 08 October 1999The European Commission's Directorate General XIII has recently published a 171-page Telemedicine Glossary of concepts, standards, users, and technologies. The working document covers a decade of support by the European Commission for research in telemedicine. As such, it identifies the previously funded projects in health telematics while it also aims to facilitate a common understanding of terminologies in this area. The glossary has to serve as a basic document to future developments in the IST or Information Society Technologies domain which will have a large impact on all aspects of health care, and medical education and training.


The European Telemedicine Glossary contains a wealth of project data relating to acronyms and history, and a host of useful definition terms with regard to the fast evolving interdisciplinary area of medical informatics. The alphabetic listing however is not exhaustive but includes the majority of important terminology, reflecting a decade of hard work within the European Commission to promote the application of health telematics. Key players and major organisations that have contributed to the deployment of telemedicine in Europe have equally been integrated.

The indication of this volume as a working document has to be taken literally since the editors never had the intention to consider their task as finished. As Professor Jean Claude Healy, Head of Unit at CEU-DG XIII, states in his introductory words, the glossary only constitutes a first step to generate a process of increasing transparency and enhanced awareness towards future telemedical activities. The targeted audience of readers has to be searched among participants in the former, current and future European Framework Programmes, dealing with health telematics solutions, but equally among people involved in policy making, venture capitalists, health insurers, and medical business and industrial areas.

Readers are invited to send additional contributions to the DG XIII editors of the glossary. The principal editor is Mr. Luciano Beolchi. The co-editors are Mr. Frédéric Loeurng, Mrs. Mary Fitzgerald, and Mr. Peter Fatelnig. The European Telemedicine Glossary is available from editor and DG XIII staff member, Mr. Luciano Beolchi.

Leslie Versweyveld

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