Virtual ReadyConference Room always available for health care industry communications

Overland Park 17 November 1999ReadyConference constitutes a new service for the health care and pharmaceutical industries, provided by Premiere Conferencing, the industry leader for enhanced, automated conferencing solutions and a business unit of Premiere Technologies. ReadyConference enables medical organisations to have on-demand access to automated conferencing services and thus meets the growing need for timely, around-the-clock communications.


Premiere provides ReadyConference customers with a password protected, dedicated dial-in telephone number that is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, acting as a "virtual conference room" always available for use. Customers simply set up a ReadyConference one time for continued access to Dialog conferencing services. There exists no monthly service charge since Premiere only bills for the minutes used.

ReadyConference is ideally suited for the health care and pharmaceutical industries. The service assists pharmaceutical professionals who need to discuss a product recall or manage Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval issues, as well as health care manufacturers who have received failed clinical trial results. In turn, managed care professionals are able to use ReadyConference for crisis communications.

The Chief Management Executive planners have the opportunity to discuss upcoming conferences whereas hospitals can dispose of an excellent tool for quickly gathering their key executives. ReadyConference also allows people responsible for the sales management to communicate with the field. In this way, the service addresses the growing need for communication solutions, while providing the flexibility that the pharmaceutical industry demands.

Because the health care environment is time sensitive, and breakthroughs and important developments occur daily, professionals within the industry need to communicate information quickly and effectively to a broad audience of sales representatives, physicians, laboratory technicians and consumers, according to Ted Schrafft, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Premiere Conferencing.

Premiere Conferencing has a formal health care team, that serves customers across the United States. The company has serviced the health care industry with customised group communications since its inception in 1984 and is a major provider of conference call and group communications services. This company possesses headquarters and operations centres in Overland Park, Kansas, and Colorado Springs, Colorado.

With a client base of more than 28,000 domestic and international clients, the company works with organisations in various industries, including high tech, pharmaceutical, investor relations, financial, public relations and also market research. Atlanta-based Premiere Technologies provides innovative solutions to simplify communications by combining the power of the Internet with the reach of the telephone. Founded in 1991, Premiere has operations in 32 countries.

Leslie Versweyveld

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