DICA to unveil its new triple BRI Encryptor at TeleCon West 99

Anaheim 03 November 1999DICA Technologies Inc., a company dedicated to enhancing ISDN applications and services worldwide, recently introduced the DICA 7800-3 at the TeleCon West 99 Conference and Exposition. From November 3rd to 5th, TeleCon West highlighted novel solutions for collaborative communications. DICA 7800-3 is the newest member of the DICA family of security products, which also includes the DICA 7800-1 single BRI Encryptor, the DICA 9000 PRI Encryptor, and the DICA SecMan Security Management System.


Capable of supporting up to three BRI lines, the DICA 7800-3 is the ideal encryptor for 384K videoconferencing and other high-bandwidth ISDN applications. It can also provide end-to-end security for up to three separate, yet simultaneous, 128K calls, making it an excellent solution for small offices which use ISDN for a variety of applications.

In a reaction, Frank Piepiorra, President of DICA Technologies Inc., stated that the primary purpose of the DICA security family is to protect private and sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands. Nevertheless, he continued that the benefits of security do not end there. The DICA security products equally help companies conform to regulations that may apply to their industry.

There is even more to it, since the confidence of patients, clients, witnesses, financial customers and business partners can be significantly increased if they know that they are able to communicate via protected lines. To put it simply, security is good for business. The prices for the DICA 7800-3 BRI Encryptor start at $4,995. The product is available for immediate delivery.

DICA Technologies Inc., formerly Promptus Communications, is based in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. DICA's extensive portfolio of products, which includes ISDN encryptors, multiplexers, inverse multiplexers, converters and switches, is used by service providers, large enterprises and government agencies in more than 40 countries all over the world.

Specific applications supported by DICA products involve videoconferencing, telebanking, LAN-to-LAN connectivity, telemedicine, leased-line backup and telephony. More technical details about the company's product line can be found in the VMW article DICA to introduce ISDN encryptor family and "IFRAD" ISDN-to-Frame Relay converter at Supercomm'99 in the July 1999 issue.

Leslie Versweyveld

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