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Virtual Medical Worlds Magazine Analysis is the supplement of VMW Monthly. VMW Analysis fills in the details and presents the stories behind the news items. Experts offer their views and give background information on current topics in telemedicine. Official reports on trends and facts are on hand for perusal.

The Creation of a global Telemedical Information Society - Andy Marsh
Health care information handling will become one of the major concerns in the next century. Internet and the World Wide Web promote themselves as an ideal tool to create a telemedical information society. However, there is a pressing need for a formal structure to prevent the telemedicine concept from turning into a chaos. The Euromed project is therefore developing twenty building blocks which should be realised via thirty nine steps. The setting up of a standard for 3D-imaging is yet another provoking challenge for the Euromed researchers. They are proud to present the unique concept of the Virtual Medical Worlds. We invite you to enter this fascinating virtual world.