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June 3-4, 2020
16th Annual Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) User Meeting - Virtual Meeting, Online

The meeting will showcase selected computational science and engineering achievements emerging from the OLCF's user programmes, including an overview of early experiences using HIP on Summit, ORNL's 200 petaflop IBM AC922 supercomputer, which launched in 2018.

On the first day, the OLCF will offer an optional training event aimed at preparing new users to run on Summit. Throughout the day, OLCF staff members will cover topics such as system architecture, file systems and data transfers, and Summit's batch scheduler and job launcher.

Other talks will give important updates about the OLCF, including a new system coming in 2020, new user services, and the status of Frontier - the OLCF's exascale supercomputer slated for delivery in 2021.

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June 3-5, 2020
20th International Conference on Computational Science - ICCS 2020, Amsterdam, The Netherlands - CANCELLED

The International Conference on Computational Science is an annual conference that brings together researchers and scientists from mathematics and computer science as basic computing disciplines, researchers from various application areas who are pioneering computational methods in sciences such as physics, chemistry, life sciences, and engineering, as well as in arts and humanitarian fields, to discuss problems and solutions in the area, to identify new issues, and to shape future directions for research.

The theme for ICCS 2020 is "20 Years of Computational Science". This conference will be a unique event focusing on recent developments in: scalable scientific algorithms; advanced software tools; computational grids; advanced numerical methods; and novel application areas. These innovative novel models, algorithms and tools drive new science through efficient application in areas such as physical systems, computational and systems biology, environmental systems, finance, and others.

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June 8-12, 2020
TNC20, Brighton, United Kingdom - CANCELLED

TNC is the largest and most prestigious European research and education networking conference. It brings together decision makers, managers, networking and collaboration specialists, plus identity and access management experts from all major European networking and research organisations, universities and worldwide sister institutions, as well as numerous industry representatives.

Through keynotes speeches by renowned specialists, parallel sessions, demonstrations, talks and posters, TNC presents participants with a unique overview of the latest developments in research networking, both in the technical field and in the area of application and management.

TNC20, the conference's 36th edition, will be hosted by Jisc, the United Kingdom's National Research and Education Network organisation.

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June 8-12, 2020
OpenFabrics Alliance Virtual Workshop, Online

This virtual event will provide fabric developers and users an opportunity to discuss emerging fabric technologies, collaborate on future industry requirements, and address challenges.

The programme will focus on the following overarching topics that span the entire network stack:

  • Enhancing Fabric Performance and Efficiency
  • Fabric usage from the Application Layer
  • Fabrics for Heterogeneous Computing, Network Computing, and Accelerators
  • Management for Composable Fabrics
  • Middleware and Communication Libraries
  • Storage, Fabric-attached Remote Persistent Memory, NVMeoF

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June 9, 2020
Conversational AI - Webinar, Online

AI has completely transformed the way we analyze data. The internet completely transformed the way we communicate. Put those two together and you have AI applications of web scrapping and Natural Language Processing to help build an edge in your trading strategy. The expert panel will discuss how AI can help your trading strategy for better returns.

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June 10, 2020
Avoiding HPC Storage's Unexpected Costs - Webinar, Online

Data from a recently-published Hyperion survey revealed that many organisations who purchase High-Performance Computing (HPC) storage experience unexpected downtime weekly or monthly - at an average daily recovery rate of $127k.

Join Hyperion's Steve Conway and Panasas' Bob Murphy as they discuss the research in this data-packed webinar. You'll learn:

  • How often HPC downtime actually occurs
  • How long it takes most organisations to recover
  • The actual price tag on opportunity cost
  • The most common buying criteria and how operational challenges differ
  • How the major HPC storage vendors compare

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June 18, 2020
Migrating HPC Workloads to the Cloud - Webinar, Online

More enterprises than ever are turning to HPC Cloud computing. Whether you're just getting started, or more mature in your use of Cloud, this HPC Cloud webinar is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable insights and knowledge to help accelerate your HPC Cloud projects.

Topics will include industry Cloud trends and best practices for deploying and managing hybrid and dedicated Cloud clusters, Cloud automation, workload and data management, and essential strategies for managing Cloud spending.

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June 18, 2020
Innovation in Funds: A Hive of Activity - Webinar, Online

In this webinar, expert panelists will discuss, debate and aim to develop best-practice as the global investment community races to adapt to a new way of operating.

They will look deeper into new fund strategies and regimes to keep up with the rate of change, exploring:

  • Recent innovation in the world of funds
  • Trends in PE/VC and hedge funds
  • Reacting to new regulatory challenges
  • Funds best suited for a Family Office
  • Will any of the new and emerging priorities endure post Covid-19?

  • Confirmed speakers are:
    • Philip Ireland, Partner, Maples
    • Tom Cochrane, Partner, Walkers
    • Simon Filmer, Global Lead - Company Formation, Vistra Group
    • Jeffrey Kirk, Managing Partner, Appleby
    • Simon Gray, Head of Business Development and Marketing, BVI Finance

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    June 22-24, 2020
    35th ISC High Performance Conference - ISC'20, Virtual Conference, Online

    Over 3700 practitioners and users will come together to discuss and explore international developments and trends in some of the fastest growing segments of IT. The ISC Exhibition, consisting of over 160 exhibitors, caters to the hardware and software demands of global research centres and businesses in the fields of HPC, artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics.

    Attendees will draw value from the event by learning about new products and technologies, exchanging ideas with their peers, making new connections, and advancing their careers. At the same time, exhibitors will get access to an audience interested in finding the best solutions to their business and research challenges.

    The ISC 2020 topics explicitly address current developments critical to high performance computing, machine learning and data analytics, as well as the future advances that will shape these technologies.

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    June 24-26, 2020
    LIBER Conference 2020, Belgrade, Serbia - CANCELLED

    This conference brings library directors and their staff together for three days of networking and collaboration. Delegates mainly come from Europe but people from around the world are welcome, and the organizers regularly welcome guests from countries including Australia, Canada and the United States. The goal of the conference is to identify the most pressing needs for research libraries, and to share information and ideas for addressing those needs.

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    June 28 - July 3, 2020
    70th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, Lindau, Germany - POSTPONED

    600 young scientists and around 70 Nobel Laureates from different disciplines, as well as one Laureate of the ACM Prize in Computing, will exchange ideas and learn from each other. From among the latest laureates, William Kaelin, Jr., Michel Mayor, Olga Tokarczuk and M. Stanley Whittingham are expected to attend. The Nobel Laureates represent 13 different nationalities.

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    June 29 - July 3, 2020
    15th International Advanced Research Workshop on High Performance Computing, Cetraro, Italy

    This is the 15th edition of a well-established biennial International Conference on High Performance Computing, one of the leading events in the field for the finest reputation of the Invited Speakers from Asia, Europe and America. In the five days long meeting, the most advanced topics will be discussed by speakers from Academia, Industry, and Research Institutions. The workshop's edition 2020 is themed "High Performance Computing - State of the Art, Emerging Disruptive Innovations and Future Scenarios".

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    July 19-23, 2020
    Design Automation Conference - DAC 2020, San Francisco, California, USA

    The Design Automation Conference is recognized as the premier conference for design and automation of electronic systems. DAC offers outstanding training, education, exhibits and superb networking opportunities for designers, researchers, tool developers and vendors.

    Members are from a diverse worldwide community of more than 1000 organisations that attend each year, represented by system designers and architects, logic and circuit designers, validation engineers, CAD managers, senior managers and executives, and researchers and academicians from leading universities.

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    July 19-23, 2020
    SIGGRAPH 2020, Washington, D.C., USA

    For over 40 years, SIGGRAPH has been the place to gather knowledge and spark collaboration between diverse disciplines, because the vast, robust industry becomes stronger and healthier when leaders converge. From the latest visual effects and animation technology to VR and game design, SIGGRAPH 2020 offers courses, talks, and panels that make for a crash course in the latest research and techniques.

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    July 21-23, 2020
    SemiCon West 2020, San Francisco, California, USA

    Three days of presentations with more than 80 hours of technical and business programming, plus hundreds of exhibitors provide the insights, innovations, and intelligence you need to get ahead and embrace today's disruptive landscape. From materials, equipment, design, manufacturing, system integration, and demand channels to new verticals and adjacencies such as Flexible Hybrid Electronics, MEMS & Sensors, you'll gain access to the best in the business and get a glimpse at what's next. Immersive, new experiences demonstrating hot-buttons like Smart Transportation, Smart Manufacturing, MedTech, Big Data, IoT, and the cognitive technologies that are transforming the world make this year's Expo like no other before.

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    July 26-30, 2020
    Practice and Experience in Research Computing - PEARC20, Virtual Conference, Online

    PEARC20 will bring together community thought leaders, cyberinfrastructure professionals, and students to learn, share ideas, and craft the infrastructure of the future. This year's theme, "Catch the Wave", embodies the spirit of the community's drive to stay in front of the new waves in technology, analytics, data, visualization, and a globally connected and diverse workforce.

    Scientific discovery and innovation require a robust, innovative, and resilient cyberinfrastructure to support the critical research required to address world challenges in climate change, population, health, energy, and environment.

    The PEARC20 student programme will provide students with a range of opportunities to participate in both student activities and the full technical programme so that they may share their research efforts and gain insights and inspiration from like-minded individuals at the conference.

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    July 26 - August 7, 2020
    Argonne Training Programme on Extreme-Scale Computing - ATPESC 2020, Chicago, Illinois, USA

    With the challenges posed by the architecture and software environments of today's most powerful supercomputers, and even greater complexity on the horizon with next-generation exascale systems, there is a critical need for specialized, in-depth training for the computational scientists poised to facilitate breakthrough science and engineering using these amazing resources.

    ATPESC provides intensive hands-on training on the key skills, approaches and tools to design, implement and execute computational science and engineering applications on current supercomputers and the high-performance computing (HPC) systems of the future. As a bridge to that future, this two-week programme fills many gaps in the training that computational scientists typically receive through formal education or other shorter courses. ATPESC participants will be granted access to leadership-class supercomputers at U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science User Facilities, which will be home to the USA's forthcoming exascale systems.

    The core curriculum will address:

    • Computer architectures and predicted evolution
    • Programming methodologies that are known to be effective across a variety of today's supercomputers and expected to be applicable to exascale systems
    • Data-intensive computing and I/O
    • Numerical algorithms and mathematical software
    • Performance measurement and debugging tools
    • Approaches to software productivity for HPC systems
    • Data analysis and visualization
    • Machine learning and data science

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    August 23-28, 2020
    International Symposium on Grids and Clouds (ISGC) 2020, Taipei, Taiwan

    The main theme of ISGC 2020 is "Challenges in High Performance Data Analytics: Combining Approaches in HPC, HTC, Big Data and AI".

    While the research data are becoming a real asset nowadays, it is an information and knowledge gained through thorough analysis that makes them so valuable. To process vast amounts of data collected, novel high performance data analytics methods and tools are needed, combining classical simulation oriented approaches, Big Data processing and advanced AI methods. Such a combination is not straightforward and needs novel insights at all levels of the computing environment - from the network and hardware fabrics through the operating systems and middleware to the platforms and software, not forgetting the security - to support data oriented research. Challenging use cases that apply difficult scientific problems are necessary to properly drive the evolution and also to validate such high performance data analytics environments.

    The goal of ISGC 2020 is to create a face-to-face venue where individual communities and national representatives can present and share their contributions to the global puzzle and contribute thus to the solution of global challenges.

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    August 24-26, 2020
    World Orphan Drug Congress USA, Oxon Hill, Maryland, USA

    This event is dedicated to fostering partnerships and collaboration amongst industry, governments, payers, investors and patients. It is about expediting orphan drug development and articulating its value, from discovery to patient access, so that manufacturers are guaranteed full and speedy reimbursement.

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    August 25-29, 2020
    7th Lindau Meeting on Economic Sciences, Lindau, Germany - POSTPONED

    Young economists from around the globe and Laureates in Economic Sciences will gather for in-depth exchange of knowledge and ideas. Together they will discuss current economic matters and recent discoveries in their field.

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    September 3-4, 2020
    Trading Show Chicago 2020, Chicago, Illinois, USA

    Since the first event, the Trading Show has vastly grown into a gathering of over 2000 institutional traders from leading prop trading firm, banks, hedge funds, exchange groups, and more. The presenters and panelists address the most critical developments impacting quant desks, high performance trading operations, AI/ML, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

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    September 7-10, 2020
    2020 BOINC Workshop, Marburg, Germany - CANCELLED

    The 2020 BOINC Workshop is hosted by the Physics Department (AG Astronomie) of the Philipps-University. This annual workshop is designed for researchers, scientists, academics, developers and volunteers with any level of interest in the BOINC open source volunteer computing platform.

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    September 8-11, 2020
    16th International eScience Conference 2020, Osaka, Japan

    eScience 2020 welcomes the international community of researchers and software engineers from all disciplines to present and discuss their scientific practices involving data science, artificial intelligence and computing. Researchers from the humanities to physics, engaged in collaborative data- or compute-intensive research, are invited to attend. The objective of the eScience Conference is to promote innovation in collaborative research across all disciplines, throughout the research lifecycle.

    The digital world is transforming science and society, simultaneously presenting new opportunities and challenges. One of these challenges is keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in computer science. Furthermore, some disciplines are well advanced in exploiting computational technologies and data science, while others are just scratching the surface. The aim of this conference is cross-fertilization across research disciplines, to advance science and humanities by fully exploiting the use of technology and cyberinfrastructure.

    Disciplines include, but are not limited to: life sciences, health research, arts, digital humanities and social sciences, physics, chemistry, astronomy, climate, environmental science, and earth science. Digital technologies include, but are not limited to: machine learning, natural language processing, real time data analysis, interoperability and linked data, multi-scale and multi model simulations, high performance computing, workflow technologies, reproducibility, visualization, open science and image processing.

    This year, the conference is divided into special tracks in addition to the Main Track, namely:

    • Machine Learning for eScience
    • Software Tools & Infrastructure
    • eScience for location-based services

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    September 14-18, 2020
    19th Workshop on high performance computing in meteorology, Bologna, Italy

    Every second year the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) hosts a workshop on the use of high performance computing in meteorology. High performance computer architectures are becoming ever more complex, which presents significant challenges for the ongoing development of operational meteorological applications, themselves highly dependent on computing capability.

    ECMWF's new high-performance computing facility will be installed at the Tecnopolo di Bologna in 2020. For the first time ECMWF's data centre will be separated from its headquarters and the Centre will function as a multi-site organisation. To mark this occasion, the 19th workshop on high performance computing in meteorology will take place in Bologna. The theme of this workshop is "Towards Exascale Computing in Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP)".

    ECMWF invites presentations addressing the following topics:

    • International Exascale efforts in NWP
    • Progress in HPC scalability
    • Using AI and Big Data
    • Hardware news

    The workshop will consist of keynote talks from invited speakers, 20-30 minute presentations, a panel discussion and a visit to the new data centre.

    Deadline for paper submission is May 18, 2020.

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    September 27 - October 1, 2020
    Tenth International Conference on Advanced Communications and Computation - INFOCOMP 2020, Rome, Italy

    The diversity of semantics of data, context gathering and processing led to complex mechanisms for applications requiring special communication and computation support in terms of volume of data, processing speed, context variety, etc. The new computation paradigms and communications technologies are now driven by the needs for fast processing and requirements from data-intensive applications and domain-oriented applications - medicine, geoinformatics, climatology, remote learning, education, large scale digital libraries, social networks, etc. Mobility, ubiquity, multicast, multi-access networks, data centres, Cloud computing are now forming the spectrum of de factor approaches in response to the diversity of user demands and applications. In parallel, measurements control and management (self-management) of such environments evolved to deal with new complex situations.

    INFOCOMP 2020 continues a series of events dedicated to advanced communications and computing aspects, covering academic and industrial achievements and visions.

    Tutorials on specific related topics and panels on challenging areas are encouraged. The topics suggested by the conference can be discussed in term of concepts, state of the art, research, standards, implementations, running experiments, applications, and industrial case studies. All topics and submission formats are open to both research and industry contributions.

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    September 27 - October 1, 2020
    The International Symposium on Modeling and Optimization - MODOPT 2020, Rome, Italy

    Modelling and optimization are important design phases for software and hardware systems. With the development of mobile and wireless systems and applications, health and ambient systems, there is a need for new concepts and practices for modelling and optimization to be generalized.

    MODOPT 2020 is dedicated to present and discuss innovative solutions or industrial impact on modelling and optimization. The organizers solicit both academic, research, and industrial contributions. They welcome technical papers presenting research and practical results, position papers addressing the pros and cons of specific proposals, such as those being discussed in the standard fora or in industry consortia, survey papers addressing the key problems and solutions on any of the involved topics, short papers on work in progress, and panel proposals.

    MODOPT 2020 conference tracks include:

    • Foundations of modelling and optimization
    • Enterprise modelling and optimization
    • Modelling and optimization in real-time systems
    • Modelling and optimization in complex systems
    • Model-based software and systems engineering
    • Modelling computations on modern HPC architectures
    • Empirical modelling
    • Modelling data-intensive computing
    • Algorithms and flow optimization
    • Socio-inspired optimization algorithms
    • Quality assurance and modelling (analysis, testing, verification)
    • Functional and non-functional properties of models
    • Programming models and frameworks
    • Parallel algebraic modelling
    • Model transformations
    • Modelling in Internet-of-Thinks systems
    • Modelling and optimization in Cloud-oriented systems
    • Tools for modelling and optimization
    • Languages and notations for modelling and optimization
    • Programming aspects for modelling and optimization
    • Parallel I/O optimization, convex optimization, stochastic optimization
    • Quality, clarity, and accuracy in modelling
    • Modelling and statistical modelling approaches
    • Performance benchmarking and optimization
    • Modelling domains (data analytics, Big Data, systems engineering, social media, devices and services, mobile applications, health applications, open source software)
    • Input noise modelling
    • Modelling and Optimization of 5G RAT/RAN (Radio Access Technology/Network)
    • Modelling and Optimization of Cloud Access and Small Cells
    • Modelling features (collaboration, scalability, security, interoperability, adaptability)
    • Maintenance an extension of models
    • Cost-effectiveness of models and optimization
    • Models for performance analysis and prediction

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    September 30 - October 2, 2020
    International Conference on Research Infrastructures - ICRI 2020, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

    ICRI 2020 will bring together hundreds of policy experts, facility managers, leading researchers and a variety of stakeholders from around the world to meet and engage on challenges, emerging trends and opportunities around research infrastructure.

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    October 6-8, 2020
    Advanced Grid Engine Administration Training, Regensburg, Germany

    Univa offers Advanced Grid Engine Administration Training solutions delivered by its Professional Services team. Attendees will gain an understanding of workload resource management, cluster configuration and administration. Hands-on exercises are integrated into this course as well as practical troubleshooting tips.

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    October 6-8, 2020
    Bio IT World Conference and Expo, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

    The annual Bio-IT World Conference & Expo has established itself as a premier event showcasing the myriad of IT and informatics applications and enabling technologies that drive biomedical research, drug discovery & development, and clinical and health care initiatives. The Bio-IT World Conference & Expo continues to be a vibrant event that unites 3400+ life sciences, pharmaceutical, clinical, health care, and IT professionals from over 40 countries.

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    October 13-14, 2020
    Teratec 2020 Forum, Paris - Ile-de-France, France

    The Forum Teratec aims to provide its audience with a vision of innovative technologies around Simulation, HPC, Big Data and AI, as well as trends to open up interesting perspectives for a new mass industry that must address a demand for "customized" experiences, the 4.0 industry.

    The TERATEC Forum welcomes more than 1300 attendees, highlighting the technological and industrial dynamism of HPC and the essential role that France plays in this field. The participation and the testimony of senior industrial and ICT leaders, the diversity and the high level of the technical workshops, the representativeness of exhibitors and innovation offers displayed, are assets for all responsible concerned by simulation and high-performance computing.

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    October 19-20, 2020
    EOSC Symposium 2020, Berlin, Germany

    The EOSC Symposium 2020 brings together researchers, data scientists, e-Infrastructures, Research Infrastructures, EOSC projects, EOSC Working Group members and representatives of the EU27 Member States and associated countries to discuss the final steps towards the establishment of a first version of a fully-fledged European Open Science Cloud.

    Organised by the EOSC Executive and Governing Boards with the support of the EOSC Secretariat project, the two-day programme will analyse the progress of EOSC after two years from its official launch focusing on the added value of EOSC for the European scientific community.

    Data-driven use cases, success stories, failures and lessons learnt from the first two years of EOSC, but also discussions on the strategic research and innovation agenda of the EOSC partnership within the framework of the future Horizon Europe programme, will shape the programme of this event that will be a key milestone towards the launch of the second phase of EOSC.

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    November 2-4, 2020
    EGI Conference 2020, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    The EGI Federation flagship event for 2020 will take place as a forum for the EGI Community, and technical, research and industry partners to discuss the state of the art of the EGI Federation, future and emerging trends, requirements and experiences at the national and local level. The theme of the 2020 edition of the event will be data-centric computing, focusing on the challenges of communities moving to petabyte and exabyte-scale computing. The event represents once again a great opportunity to bring together technology providers, data centres, user communities and project representatives to tackle together the future challenges of scientific computing.

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    November 2-4, 2020
    Festival of Biologics 2020, Basel, Switzerland

    The Festival of Biologics is the meeting place for the life science community to bridge the gap between academia and industry. With three events in one, the Festival encourages conversation across the entire industry so you can inspire change, champion innovation, and address complex challenges that the biologics industry is facing.

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    November 2-5, 2020
    World Orphan Drug Congress, Barcelona, Spain

    The World Orphan Drug Congress is an award-winning event with an exhibition that has grown to become the largest and most established orphan drugs & rare diseases meeting of its kind across the globe. Now in its 11th annual edition, the World Orphan Drug Congress Europe, together with the co-located Cell & Gene Therapy Congress, will continue to bring experts from the whole value chain under one roof, where you get to meet decision makers in the areas that are most applicable for your business offering.

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    November 5-6, 2020
    4th International Conference on Computer-Human Interaction Research and Applications - CHIRA, Budapest, Hungary

    The purpose of the International Conference on Computer-Human Interaction Research and Applications (CHIRA) is to bring together professionals, academics and students who are interested in the advancement of research and practical applications of interaction design & human-computer interaction.

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    November 9-10, 2020
    Middle East Investment Summit, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    In its 21st year, the Middle East Investment Summit continues to be the conference of choice for regional and global sovereign wealth funds, family offices, private and institutional investors, high-level fund managers and economists. It provides the ultimate platform for industry professionals to network, strategise and learn from prominent global leaders, alongside their peers and colleagues.

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    November 10-12, 2020
    BioData World Congress, Basel, Switzerland

    The BioData World Congress 2020 will bring together pharma/biotechs, health care, academia and the community that serve them, to discuss how to come together to improve efficiencies within IT and biodata for the benefit of patients worldwide.

    Conference web site

    December 3-4, 2020
    Computing Insight UK 2020 - CIUK 2020, Manchester, United Kingdom

    As with previous editions the conference will include two full days of presentations and talks running alongside an exhibition of the latest technologies from the leading hardware and software developers and resellers, and a series of breakout sessions.

    Conference web site

    March 16-18, 2021
    OpenFabrics Alliance Workshop, Columbus, Ohio, USA

    The OpenFabrics Alliance (OFA) annual Workshop will continue the tradition of fostering collaboration among those who develop fabrics, deploy fabrics, and create applications that rely on fabrics. This event provides a unique opportunity for fabric developers and users t0 discuss emerging fabric technologies, collaborate on future industry requirements and address problems that exist today.

    Conference web site

    July 5-7, 2021
    Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing Conference - PASC21, Geneva, Switzerland

    PASC21 is the seventh edition of the PASC Conference series, an international platform for the exchange of competences in scientific computing and computational science, with a strong focus on methods, tools, algorithms, application challenges, and novel techniques and usage of high performance computing.

    The theme is "New Challenges, New Computing Paradigms". Computational science is crucially important across diverse research communities from traditional topics in physics and chemistry to new applications in life and social sciences. The drive to exascale computing, together with new computational paradigms in machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data present opportunities for science and society but also significant challenges for both traditional HPC and the new user communities.

    This growing community requires increased computing power, new heterogeneous architecture paradigms, new software and new policies for resource access while benchmarks like High-Performance Linpack are becoming less and less representative of the computing ecosystems. Although new hardware solutions are emerging, computers become fatter, not faster, and exploiting the coming exascale systems remains a challenge for many traditional HPC applications.

    PASC21 aims to open discussions on these new challenges, explore problems and propose solutions to address them and shape the future of scientific computing.

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