ITIS Conference '98 - Highlights

April 21-23, 1998 - Rai Conference Centre, Amsterdam - Netherlands


In this section, we are providing the coverage of the different lectures presented at ITIS'98. The first article offers a general impression on the whole of the conference. Please, keep joining us as often as you can, since new conference material will appear at regular times.

Newly available from 01-07-98 at the ITIS'98 Discussion Platform: the contents of the three discussion forums at ITIS'98, tackling the hottest issues with regard to the creation of the Telemedical Information Society for the 21st century.

ITIS'98 - Seeds for the new telemedical information society
Challenging, colourful, exploratory, fascinating, humorous, matter-of-fact, multi-faceted, outspoken, realistic, visionary: all these somewhat contradictory qualities apply to the ITIS'98 conference, a three-day full immersion into the realms of the Telemedical Information Society. East met west, south met north in lively discussions, assessing the current telemedical potential of the World Wide Web. Some speakers amazed their colleagues with state-of-the-art applications, already implemented in day-to-day health care. Others warned the audience not to loose sight of the various obstacles yet to overcome, especially with regard to high-speed networking and permanent funding. The overall impression however, left plenty of room for a message of hope and trust. Chairman Andy Marsh properly concluded: "We can do it, so why don't we?"

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As we have promised to you earlier, we turn back with a splashing load of remarkable news items, reaped at the ITIS'98 Conference. Please, make your choice out of the new harvest:

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ITIS'98 Discussion Platform

The conference include scientific papers, demonstrations, opinion/future vision papers and three forums with a panel of 30 experts tackling the major questions related to 21st century health care.

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Here is your chance to confront your views with those of the ITIS experts with regard to the birth of innovative ways for health care delivery. We invite you to read their discussions and share your experiences, in order to join forces.

  1. What facilities should the Telemedical Information Society (TIS) provide to support a global 21st century health care system?
  2. Is the World Wide Web (WWW) the best medium for a Telemedical Information Society?
  3. What obstacles might prevent the establishment of a Telemedical Information Society (TIS)?

Please, do not hesitate to share both your views and comments on these issues, using the "forum discussions" link right here below, to define your questions and to enter your profile and research interests.

General Information

The first International conference on the Telemedical Information Society (ITIS'98) has been organised in Amsterdam, 21-23 April 1998. The objective of ITIS'98 is to promote a discussion on how and what a telemedical information society of the 21st century will look like.