ITIS-ITAB'99 Conference - Highlights

April 12-13, 1999 - Rai Conference Centre, Amsterdam - The Netherlands


In this section, we are providing the coverage of the different lectures presented at ITIS-ITAB'99. The first article offers a general impression on the whole of the conference.

Newly available from 01-08-99 at the ITIS-ITAB'99 Discussion Platform: the contents of the three discussion forums at ITIS-ITAB'99, addressing crucial issues with regard to the creation of the Telemedical Information Society for the 21st century.

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ITIS-ITAB'99 breathes fresh spirit of community and collaboration
Two days filled with presentations, discussions, many questions asked and few answers given, forum talks, announcements made, and piles of information exchanged... All this has left the truly motivated ITIS-ITAB'99 Conference participants with a rich feeling of satisfaction but also with the sound knowledge that there remains still a lot of work that needs to be done. Co-chair, Dr. Swamy Laxminarayan noted that all the issues that have been tackled with relation to Information Technology applications in biomedicine and telemedicine services, are in the process of development. The second co-chair, Dr. Andy Marsh fused the different themes, which emerged during the discussions, into an energetic acrostichon. Privacy, Legal issues, Evaluation, Applications, Standards, Environments, Security, Telecommunications use, Accessibility, Resources, Technology are all items which are being dealt with, so PLEASE START !

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ITIS-ITAB'99 Discussion Platform

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The ITIS-ITAB '99 Conference has particularly been dedicated to promoting discussions through a forum of three sessions. Each session has been concentrating on primary aspects relating to the 21st century telemedical information society, namely the issues of standardization, the integration of technologies, and the establishment of an International Telemedical Information Society.

Here is your chance to confront your views with those of the ITIS-ITAB experts with regard to the birth of innovative ways for health care delivery. We invite you to read their discussions and share your experiences, in order to join forces.

  1. The integration of information technologies within telemedicine has to benefit the patient
  2. Standardization process in telemedicine only slowly evolves at the cost of hard effort
  3. Weighing the thousand ways and worries to establish an International Telemedical Information Society

Conference programme

We invite you to have a look at the ITIS-ITAB '99 conference programme.

General Information

Information highways and the concept of information societies have significant influence on the future mechanisms of health care delivery. Of central importance is the interactive communication between the health care providers and patients regardless of their geographical proximity. ITIS-ITAB '99 is aimed to explore, exchange and develop a common vision for utilisation of these emerging technologies in the pursuit of global health care.

ITIS-ITAB '99 is the joint meeting of the Second International Workshop on the Telemedical Information Society and the Second International Conference on Information Technology Applications in Biomedicine. As such, this event is the successor of the successful ITIS'98 Conference,  held last year in Amsterdam.

The objective of ITIS-ITAB '99 is to promote stimulating discussions provoked by interesting presentations and forum sessions. The presentations cover a diverse range of topics, which all have a direct input on how a multi-disciplinary information society for health care can be created.

During the two-day event, eighteen keynote presentations have been offered by a balanced selection of invited speakers from around the world.

The audience who has benefited most from ITIS-ITAB'99 includes biomedical and clinical engineers, physicians, surgeons, health care workers, biomedical educators, researchers and students, and the general public.