What can VMW Magazine do for you?

Special advertising opportunities for VMW Live! from Europe's premier telemedical and technology conferences:
  • Tenth MedTech Investing Europe Conference, February, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Mobile and Wireless Healthcare, February, Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • World of Health IT 2010, March, Barcelona, Spain
  • 4th International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare 2010, March, Munich, Germany
  • Health 2.0 Conference, April, Paris, France
  • Med-e-Tel 2010 - The International Trade Event and Conference for eHealth, Telemedicine and Health ICT, April, Luxembourg, Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg
  • Healthcare Computing 2010, April, Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • Sixth Annual World Health Care Congress - Europe 2010, May, Brussels, Belgium
  • Seventh International Conference on Wearable Micro and Nano Technologies for Personalized Health - pHealth 2010, May, Berlin, Germany
  • Second EuroMedtech 2010 Annual Partnering Conference, June, Leipzig, Germany
  • Seventh International Council on Medical and Care Compunetics - ICMCC 2010, June, London, United Kingdom
  • 24th International Congress and Exhibition for Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery - CARS 2010, June, Geneva, Switzerland
  • HealthGrid 2010, June, Paris, France
  • Thirteenth European Health Forum Gastein, October, Bad Hofgastein, Austria

Please check out the details and rates.

In its thirteenth year of existence, VMW has built up a vast audience of specialised readers, situated in the telemedicine as well as in the advanced IT field. The magazine aims at bridging the gap between users operating in the telemedical sector and technology suppliers.

VMW relies on the expertise of a specialised advisory board, composed of academic and private industry professionals to guarantee the embedding into the everyday practice and research.

The magazine is equally available through e-mail and has a flourishing list of html-subscribers.

For companies, VMW constitutes the ideal tool to promote their products and services whether through attractive banners, whether through a personalised highlighting of the commercial strength of the enterprise.

Virtual Medical Worlds Magazine is able to:

  • cover a specialist, tightly targeted audience of telemedicine users and decision makers
  • reach experienced users as well as tapping into a new layer of IT users as telemedicine gradually enters into the current vocabulary of hospital staff and both private and public health care industry
  • deliver brand opinions and product brand messages quickly and accurately
  • fulfil interactive marketing objectives as part of your marketing mix

VMW provides advertisers with the capability of reaching a tightly targeted and segmented audience through the following services:

  1. A banner advertisement on the home page of VMW Monthly

    This advertisement will last for one month and gives you the opportunity of creating a tightly targeted advertising message with a link to your home page for more information.

  2. Exclusive sponsorship of VMW Monthly for one or more months

    As a VMW sponsor, you not only get a prominent display on the home page linked to your home page, the VMW team will give an exclusive analyst report showing how your company fits into the telemedicine scene today. Once completed, this summary will remain permanently accessible to readers with a link or through the VMW search engine.

  3. VMW Live! Sponsorship

    VMW Live! is unique in that you get a truly mobile editorial team to cover either an independent industry event, or your own event and user conference under the VMW Live! banner.

    As an exclusive sponsor, you get sponsor space at the beginning of the virtual magazine plus an industry editorial profile that outlines your objectives and company benefits for this kind of event.

  4. Editorial packages

    4.1. VMW Editorial Brief update

    This report is a summary of your business, plans and objectives that can be linked or cross-linked to words in VMW articles and through to your own home page.

    4.2. Your own 'Live' event magazine

    An editorial team will cover your own event or user conference to give a daily magazine branded under your own team. A live witness and statement that will form a valuable reference to make your own event live longer and reach more people.

Please, take a look at our rate card, or contact us by e-mail at vmw@hoise.com to find out the benefits of targeted promotion and marketing of your business.