Virtual Medical Worlds Magazine - The team

The editorial team of Virtual Medical Worlds Magazine is composed of professionals in publishing. They bring you the latest news in clearly written short articles, which provide links to background information. An advisory board with professionals in telemedicine, provides the embedding into the everyday practice and research.

Advisory board
The advisory board gives the edorial team advise on what the important topics in telemedicine are and its relation with advanced computing. The advisory board members meet regularly with editorial team members. They take an active role acting also as correspondents which send news worthy material to the editorial team and are available to give their expert's opinion.

The following experts take part in the advisory board:

  • Andy Marsh, National Technical University of Athens, chair
  • Euromed partners
    • Paul Cristea, PUB
    • Zoran Jovanovic, Belgrade University Computing Centre Faculty of Electrical Engineering
    • Jaap Kaandorp, University of Amsterdam
    • Tuomo Kauranne, University of Joensuu
    • Peter Kokol, University of Maribor, Slovenia
    • Theododros Papastaurou, National Technical University of Athens
    • Rajko Tomovic, Belgrade University Computing Centre Faculty of Electrical Engineering
    • Rob van der Geest, LKEB
  • TTN partner
    • Paul Gordon
  • EC member
    • Petra Wilson, European Health Telematics Observatory
  • US members
    • Hamid Arabnia, University of Athens (USA)
    • Helene Hoffman, University of California San Diego (UCSD) School of Medicine
    • Richard Robb, MAYO Clinic (USA)
    • Richard Satava, Cyber doctoring issues (USA)
    • Bob Pyke Jr., Co administrator Telehealth List Serve and roving editor at large; Editor, Johns Hopkins Pediatric Point of Interest; Co moderator EurasiaHealth Medical Informatics Knowledge Network (USA)
    • Bill Paschall, ATT Healthcare, Director Telemedicine and digital medicine, Austin, Texas (USA)
  • Industrial members
    • Damianos Dimitriades, Infoproject
    • Adrie Dumay, TNO Quality of Life
    • Daron Green, IBM
    • George Sakas, Fraunhofer Institute
    • George Thiopoulos, Oracle
    • Owen Thomas, Smith Group

Editorial team
The editorial team takes care of gathering the news, writing articles and putting the magazine together.

  • Ad Emmen (Genias Benelux)
  • Leslie Versweyveld, managing editor

Publishing team
The publishing team supports the magazine

  • Terry Davidson (The Eurocommunication group): business development
  • Elly Molendijk: web editor
  • Neil Burnett: web programming support

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