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VMW Live! reports from all major telemedical and information technology conferences in Europe. With an experienced team of journalists we cover these events and publish special issues. The breaking news is reported the same day it happens: it is published on the Web-based news service and sent to the subscribers. The events which we select, are known to bring valuable news. Hence the VMW Live! issues are bound to be well received.

We currently reach over 60.000 people each month, mostly through the Web site, while some four hundred fifty subscribers receive the e-mail version. VMW offers a monthly telemedicine digest for high performance computing and health care, whereas EntertheGrid/Primeur, its sister magazine, focuses on the European HPCN and Grid community. We are convinced both news sites constitute an excellent platform for advertising and their live issues for reaching an even more targeted readership. This provides a unique and targeted advertising opportunity. Your advertisement/sponsorship is related to the interest area of the readers.

You can prefer to be the sole sponsor of a VMW Live! issue for a specific event. Then your advertisement does not have to compete with that of other advertisers. You will also be mentioned as sponsor when we announce the special issues. In general, exclusive sponsorship is 15,000 euro for a European event which is covered by 2 issues. Non-exclusive sponsorship amounts to 1250 euro. However, note that exclusive sponsorship prevails. The banner advertisements stay on the Web site for at least a year.

There are several advertising possibilities to choose from: banners, active links covering company topics, or other forms we can discuss. The EntertheGrid/Primeur coverage in the Primeur Live! section at http://enterthegrid.com/primeur/live/ of the International Supercomputer Conference 2009 in Hamburg is a typical example of what we can accomplish with a live issue. We produced three Primeur specials during this conference. An example of a full in-depth coverage is offered by the VMW ITIS-ITAB'99 Web site at http://www.hoise.com/vmw/conference/ITIS99. We even included extensive reports of the three forum discussions.

The major events for VMW Live! sponsorship are:

  • Tenth MedTech Investing Europe Conference, February, Lausanne, Switzerland
    This two-day conference attracts over 240 people from around Europe. Key benefits of attending as an investor include:
    • Secure first rate investment opportunities with direct access to cutting edge medical technology innovation.
    • Make informed investment decisions with the latest market intelligence from leading industry figures.
    • Meet potential innovators face-to-face through scheduled private one-to-one meetings.
    • Interact with other like-minded investors in an ideal networking environment.
  • Mobile and Wireless Healthcare, February, Birmingham, United Kingdom
    Mobile and wireless technologies offer the opportunity to secure the delivery of more patient-centred care. Better access to knowledge at the point of care also increases overall efficiency and reduces costs. This one-day conference will bring together health care IT professionals and clinicians alike to explore how to realise the benefits of mobile and wireless technologies both on the ward and in the community.
  • World of Health IT 2010, March, Barcelona, Spain
    The 4th edition of the World of Health IT Conference and Exhibition will provide unprecedented opportunities to both attendees and exhibitors, as it will be held in conjunction with the yearly eHealth High Level Conference - eHealth 2010 - which is co-organised by the European Commission, the Spanish presidency of the European Union and the Catalonian regional government.
  • 4th International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare 2010, March, Munich, Germany
    The Pervasive Healthcare conference aims to gather together technology experts, practitioners, industry and national authorities contributing towards the development and application of human-centred pervasive and ubiquitous computing technology for health care and wellness.
  • Health 2.0 Conference, April, Paris, France
    Health 2.0 Europe will be a unique conference. The organizers will integrate the best of European web/mobile based technologies, and compare, contrast and contextualize them with leading examples of Health 2.0 from North America. The organizers will be seeing what works in the context of Europe's evolving health care systems, whether there are commonalities across European systems that can lead to economies of scale (or not!) and what the "boundary-less" on-line world means for consumers and physicians working in distinct health care systems.
  • Med-e-Tel 2010 - The International Trade Event and Conference for eHealth, Telemedicine and Health ICT, April, Luxembourg, Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg
    The Med-e-Tel exhibition and its educational and information programme of interactive seminars on eHealth, telemedicine and all possible ICT applications in medicine, will cover the results of recent or ongoing projects and research, real life experiences and existing programmes, product presentations, and exhibitor training sessions. Organized by Luxexpo and supported by a wide range of national and international associations and institutions, this three day meeting and networking event brings together leading specialists to present recent achievements and developments in the field.
  • Healthcare Computing 2010, April, Birmingham, United Kingdom
    HC2010 will be a 3 day conference and exhibition showcasing some of the best and most current technical systems, services and solutions used to support care and treatment in the world today. As well as current best practice, and examples of leading edge technology, the conference will include contributions from policy makers, and examples of innovative strategic and tactical practice across the world of health and social care informatics.
  • Sixth Annual World Health Care Congress - Europe 2010, May, Brussels, Belgium
    This is the only major international forum that convenes over 325 leaders from all sectors of the share best practices and successful initiatives for improved delivery and outcomes in Europe. The 2010 Congress will feature the top industry influencers including health ministers, leading government officials, hospital directors, IT innovators, decision makers from public and private insurance funds, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, and heath care industry suppliers.
  • Seventh International Conference on Wearable Micro and Nano Technologies for Personalized Health - pHealth 2010, May, Berlin, Germany
    Collecting a dynamic professional community from Europe and all over the world pHealth has given visibility to the tremendous potential of micro and nano technologies not only for the future of medicine, but also for the improvement of health care processes today. Microsystems, smart textiles, telemedicine, smart implants and sensor-controlled medical devices have become important enablers for monitoring and treatment in both inpatient and outpatient care. This is, however, just the beginning of revolutionary changes and significant opportunities are given for patients, companies and the health care industry.
  • Second EuroMedtech 2010 Annual Partnering Conference, June, Leipzig, Germany
    EuroMedtech 2010 will again attract decision makers from all sectors of the fast growing and highly innovative medical technology sector. Last year's edition saw over 250 delegates from 191 companies engage in 652 one-to-one partnering meetings to discuss financing, licensing opportunities or collaborations for advancing product development and distribution to international markets.
  • Seventh International Council on Medical and Care Compunetics - ICMCC 2010, June, London, United Kingdom
    The theme of the 2010 annual event is "Personal Health - Intelligent solutions to serve empowered patients". The focus for the seventh ICMCC annual event is based on the definition published in 2008 on Patient 2.0 Empowerment: the active participation of the citizen in his or her health and care pathway with the interactive use of Information and Communication Technologies. Dealing with medical and care compunetics, the field of social, societal and ethical implications of computing and networking, ICMCC decided to focus the 2010 Event on Electronic Health Records (EHR) and secondarily, the connection between EHR and Digital Homecare. ICMCC intents to combine in this event ontology-driven health information system design for advanced interoperability with the paradigm change towards pervasive person-centric care including prevention, home care and wellness, together forming adaptive distributed health information systems solutions. Important issues to be considered are virtual Electronic Health Records and Personal Health Records acting as semantically interoperable communication and co-operation platform for personalized ubiquitous health services in a trustworthy environment.
  • 24th International Congress and Exhibition for Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery - CARS 2010, June, Geneva, Switzerland
    This conference is co-hosted with the following events:
    • 14th Annual Conference of the International Society for Computer Aided Surgery - ISCAS 2010
    • 12th International Workshop on Computer-Aided Diagnosis - CAD 2010
    • 16th Computed Maxillofacial Imaging Congress - CMI 2010
    • 28th International EuroPACS Meeting - EuroPACS 2010
  • HealthGrid 2010, June, Paris, France
    The HealthGrid conference is the premier conference on the transformation of biomedical research, education and medical care through the application of Grid technologies. HealthGrid is dedicated to:
    • Enhancing biomedical research and health care delivery
    • Creating an open collaborative virtual community
    • Communicating the collective knowledge of the HealthGrid community
    HealthGrid is an interdisciplinary community of computer scientists, physicians, medical educators and students, epidemiologists, bioinformatics and medical informatics experts, military medicine specialists, security and policy makers, economists and futurists.
  • Thirteenth European Health Forum Gastein, October, Bad Hofgastein, Austria
    The main objective of the European Health Forum Gastein is to facilitate the establishment of a framework for advising and developing European health policy while recognising the importance of national and regional authorities and decision-making bodies.

More details on the events can be found in the Calendar section of VMW at http://www.hoise.com/vmw.

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