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To have a look at the detailed profile of all the VMWC members, you can click below on the "VMWC Member Profile Pages" hyperlink to obtain the complete list.

Virtual Medical Worlds Community (VMWC) is aimed at advancing the use of advanced technology, such as HPCN, databases and VR technology in (tele)medical applications. Members are European companies and academic groups active in advanced information technology and companies with business in telemedicine and other medical applications requiring these advanced techniques.

VMWC brings together technology suppliers with users in this focused medical sector. Especially advanced IT suppliers will acquire a good knowledge of the medical market and medical users through the VMWC. Companies active in the medical sector will gain knowledge on advanced technology. Technology enablers, like research institutes and universities, play a crucial role in the VMWC.

Benefits for VMWC members:

  • Virtual Medical Worlds Magazine  - monthly in your e-mail box, archives are available on the Web.
  • VMWC Member Profile Pages - a directory of all the organisations and companies active in the field. Only VMWC members get listed, everyone interested can consult the database over the Internet.
  • ITIS/ITAB yearly Conference - the meeting place for developers, researchers and industrial users.
  • The VMWC discussion list - a closed list which enables you to exchange ideas and ask information from other experts.

VMWC also offers the opportunity to host your project on the VMW Community Web site. Please, contact us at to know the conditions. To give you a distinct idea about the possibilities, you can visit the following projects already available:

  • IERAPSI - An Integrated Environment for the Rehearsal and Planning of Surgical Interventions
  • WebSET - Web-based Standard Educational Tools

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