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Bucharest Emergency Hospital - Gastroenterology Department

Bucharest Emergency Hospital has a very extensive clinical activity, with more than 40.000 inner patients every year, and offers specific medical services to a large geographic area of Romania.

Specialized in:
A large digestive pathology is covered, with a special focus on upper digestive bleeding, caustic lesions in the upper digestive tract, and biliary tract lithiasis.

In the Gastroenterology Department, there are both inner patients (2000 in-bed patients every year), and a full exploration activity in the endoscopy lab. For example, the last year, the lab performed 6500 upper digestive endoscopies (4 doctors) and 1000 colonoscopies.

The head of the department has performed himself more than 2500 upper digestive endoscopies (descriptive and therapeutic), 550 colonoscopies, and 30 ERCP. The Gastroenterology Department is headed by Dr. Gabriel Constantinescu, MD, specialist in Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine.

The lab uses Olympus endoscopy instruments and devices, endoscopes, trolleys, video systems; and has a close working relationship with the Wilson Cook factory.

Products, projects and services

    The Bucharest Emergency Hospital develops a large technical platform for investigations, including Endoscopy, Spiral Computer Tomography, Angiographic and Ecography laboratories. Thus, the systematic use of information and communication technologies is of definite importance for the real increase of the working efficiency and the sharing of resources.

Contact information:
Bucharest Emergency Hospital
Dr. Gabriel Constantincescu, head of the Gastroenterology Department
Calea Floreasca 8
71406 Bucharest, Romania
Tel.: +40-1-2300274
Fax: +40-1-4104414

Last update:
Bucharest, Wednesday 27th October 1999