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Glasgow Caledonian University - Health Faculty

Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) is one of the developing, "new Universities" within the UK, taking a dynamic approach to learning and information transfer. The university has a firm commitment to the advancement of high performance computing and communications technologies and recently, for example, acquired consortium grants of 600 K to develop new approaches to distance learning.

Specialized in:
Use of computerised technology in radiology and Virtual Reality in medicine

The University is comprised of three faculties: Business and Management, Science & Technology, and Health, and has an annual intake of the order of 3000 undergraduate and 140 postgraduate students.

GCU Health Faculty is the largest in the UK and specifically committed to the provision of undergraduate and postgraduate studies in nursing and paramedical education. It houses the Nursing Initiative for Scotland and provides training in Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Radiography, and Vision Sciences, backed by a School of Biological Sciences, and Departments of Psychology and Sociology. In this respect, it is unique within the UK and indeed it is probably the only centre of this type in Europe. All lecturer staff have prior clinical experience in hospitals and health clinics and considerable teaching experience of their individual subjects.

Products, projects and services

    In its strategic plan to provide a student-centred, flexible interdisciplinary approach to learning, the Faculty is developing formidable exciting new and innovative approaches to this end. The V-Paramed project provides a valuable model for extension of the existing computer and communication systems into other branches of interactive learning and disciplines using VR technologies both within the university and wider throughout Europe.

    The academic participants with the backing of colleagues in cognitive science and the wider computing, ergonomic, and engineering expertise within the university, are thus well placed, indeed probably uniquely placed, to undertake the V-Paramed project.

Contact information:
Glasgow Caledonian University
Department of Physiotherapy, Podiatry and Radiography
Dr. Margot McBride
Cowcaddens Road
G4 0BA Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
Tel.: +44-141-3318127
Fax: +44-141-3318130

Last update:
Glasgow, Wednesday 27th October 1999