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CINECA is an Inter-University Consortium founded in 1969 to make the most advanced tools for scientific calculation available to academic users and public and private researchers. Since then, the consortium acquired the most powerful and state-of-the-art high-performance computer systems to be found on the market.

Specialized in:
supercomputer service, vector and parallel optimisation, code development

Its advanced policy in continuously up-dating the available equipment, as well as the high professional level in management and user support have allowed for a high degree of technological transfer to both public and industrial environments, and a service to a vast community of users, spread out over the entire national territory. The usability of the service is guaranteed by a capillary and powerful network, continuously maintained at the state-of-the-art. CINECA has a full-time staff of 102 people, 85 of them are in technical groups and 17 in the administrative group. The capital investment sums up to 7 Million ECU for building and infrastructures and 23 Million ECU for computers and related equipment. The specific skills include vector and parallel optimisation of algorithms and code development, in co-operation with scientists from a wide variety of scientific fields: physics, computational chemistry, fluid dynamics, structural engineering, mathematics, astrophysics, climatology, medical image applications and more.

The distribution of provided service, together with some other value added activities, allowed CINECA to cover almost 50% of its operating cost with incoming revenue, while the remaining part is being covered by National funds. CINECA is member of two European associations: the G.E.I.E. RHT EUROSUD and the European Consortium for Experiments and Training and Research Mobility as large-scale facility for scientific computing. In addition, CINECA is involved in several EC funded projects, such as MERMAIDS and MATER, funded under MAST programme; DICE; AGORA; PROVOST; SINTEX; STOEC, funded under ENVIRONMENT. Recently CINECA has been funded under TenTelecom programme for the project MOSAIC and for Tender is ENEA's partner in the TTN-NOTSOMAD. CINECA also takes part in some of the associated PST activities.

Products, projects and services


  • Computer services
  • value added activities

Contact information:
CINECA Computing Center
Via Magnanelli 6/3
40033 Casalecchio di Reno
Bologna, Italy
Phone +39 51 6171561
Fax +39 51 6132198
Web site:

Last update:
Bologna, Tuesday 5th October 1999