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Sports Training Technologies S.L.

Computational Mechanics Applications (CMP) and Sports Training Technologies (STT) are private Spanish companies, located in San Sebastian, in the North of Spain, and strongly related with research activities and the development of computer applications in the field of information technologies. Actually, STT is a spin-off company of a research centre, which also is a shareholder of the company. The companies are participated by a group of local investors. The staff of these companies is composed of highly specialised people. Most of them have got a doctor's degree or engineering degree and have participated in the development of research and applied projects in collaboration with companies like the European Space Agnecy, FIAT, MATRA-DATAVISION, SIEMENS, PSA, Piaggio, VOLVO, MDI, etc.

Specialized in:
CMP and STT focus in the development of professional software applications for the simulation and visualisation of the motion of complex 3D systems. CMP focuses its activities mainly in the development of engineering applications while STT focuses in the development of applications for biomechanical analysis. All the software applications developed by these companies are based on three main technologies:

  • motion capture systems
  • kinematic and dynamic simulation of 3D multi-body systems
  • 3D visualisation tools and graphic user interfaces (GUI)

In all these three fields, the companies have developed general-purpose software components that can be easily combined in order to develop new software applications in a very short time.

CMP and STT develop proprietary software components with the following outstanding characteristics:

  • General-purpose tools: the software components are not limited to be used in a particular application but can be used in almost any problem related to them. Just changing some data or configuration files, the tools can be re-used to solve new cases.
  • Object-oriented programming approach: all the software components have been implemented using C++, which allows re-using easily the components in different applications.
  • Portable components: all the developed software components can be run either on Windows (95/98/NT) or Unix (Irix/HP-UX/Linux) platforms.
  • Application programming interface (API): all the software components developed by CMP/STT include an API that allows implementing in a very short time new software applications based on those components. Furthermore, the software components can be easily integrated in other existing applications.

The software libraries include motion capture, a simulation package, and visualisation tools. The motion capture system is a low cost optical system that is able to capture the motion of virtually any body that moves. It has been successfully used to capture the human body motion in for example, athletic exercises like a golf swing or a hurdle race. Particular models for different body segments (hands, legs, ...) can be easily implemented, just modifying a data file. A simple model of a leg has been implemented and tested successfully.

The simulation package allows performing the kinematic and dynamic simulation of virtually any kind of multi-body system. In the STT and CMP terminology, a multi-body system is understood as a system composed of rigid or flexible bodies connected through a set of joints that allow some degrees of freedom of relative motion. This definition encompasses mechanical systems like robots, suspensions, satellites, or even the human body. This library allows CMP and STT to simulate any multi-body system in a very short time. Real time components are also available.

The 3D visualisation tools allow visualising the motion that has been computed with the simulation package. The visualisation components can be used to build interactive visualisation tools or real time visualisation applications. Components for 3D animation on the Web are also available.

CMP and STT use those software components in the implementation of professional software applications in many different fields.

Products, projects and services

    Currently, STT is involved in an ambitious project related to the biomechanical analysis of the golf swing. The aim of the project is the development of a software tool that will allow golfers to improve their swing through biomechanical analysis. This product includes components from the three basic technologies developed by the companies. Marketing activities of this product are already started, mainly in the USA and Japan. Other activities in medical applications are also started.

    CMP applies the same components in the development of engineering applications. CMP is currently developing projects in the following fields:

    • automotive industry
    • virtual reality
    • augmented reality
    • integration of kinematic and dynamic simulation within CAD/CAM/CAE
    • mechanical design
    • animation and video games
    • 3D graphics and animation through Internet
    • Collaborative work through Internet

    CMP's staff has developed projects for relevant European and American companies. For example, real time simulation tools have been developed for the European Space Agency. Analogously, CMP's staff has developed some of the products marketed by MDI, world leader in the market of multi-body simulations.

Contact information:
Sports Training Technologies, S.L.
Dr. Jose Manuel Jiménez, Research Director
Miracruz, 10B, 1
20.001 San Sebastian, Spain
Tel.: +34-94-3274105
Fax: +34-94-3281649

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